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    Originally Posted by Lt. Col. Fantastic View Post
    Akio-san, if anyone had trouble with your name, they could just ask how to say it!


    I thinks its fine how it is, and it seems most people know you anyway. Its also a really easy way to pick you out in a forum. Even though I can't read it, I know the shapes mean you. If that makes sense.


    And I'm not a hero, just the plucky comic relief. You know, the guy thats always around when the hero is, and nobody notices his actions because the hero overshadows him, only to get a respectful "greetings, citizen!" before the hero flies off, becoming the center of attention. Of course, in that precise moment, I would freeze up and have nothing to say, and people would ignore me once again...
    True, they could just ask. Or, you know, look at my signature (wow, buttons!). And that was beautifully said, the whole "I know the shapes mean you" thing. I liked it. And the only ones I think are officially heroes here are the mods, Skymin and Red's. If I had to vote, I'd probably say Yellow is a heroic RPer as well.

    Originally Posted by Skymin View Post
    I still refer to you as Zerin so... Go figure. Plus everyone knows Ichiro as Ichiro so it's not that confusing to remember.
    True. To be honest, I have multiple names, all for various purposes. Here's a list:
    • TOKUSHI AKIO (Japanese Name)
    • ZERIN SILVER (My "Pen Name")
    • KUROKOKORO KIBA (Japanese Alias)
    • WOLFOFEVE (Gamer Name)

    Originally Posted by Vato View Post
    Duuudes, feels weird to post in the same thread you are!
    It's like you're all heroes, and I'm nothing but a pesky news reporter :P
    I just has a bit of a question, my thanks in advance for whoever's kind enough to give an answer.


    If you already have a Role-Play (or, better said, if you're the Game Master), and you didn't sign-up for your RP... can you still do so if it hasn't started?
    I'm definitely not a hero in these parts. I feel like I'm improving greatly (That's my goal, at least), though I don't think I'm one of those RPers that people seem to try to pull into their RPs strictly because of idolism. I doubt people idolize me, but I don't really let it get to me. I'm here to have fun and write out my creativity.

    As for your question, well... You can do whatever you want, you're the GM. You can simply just start with a character, without even making a sign-up! I tend to do this because when I make the RP, I usually come up with a mysterious and interesting character, who I usually make very secretive and reveal bits and pieces along the RP. Since there isn't a Sign-up, no one can find those secrets. I like making little surprises here and there with my characters. Keep it exciting.

    Originally Posted by ShinyDiamond View Post
    It is my understanding that you can sign-up for your RP at anytime you wish. You can also do your SU even after your RP starts. Basically, you can do your SU whenever you want, or like control NPCs only if that's what you want to do, or both. Not much, but I hope I helped!
    Yes, all of these apply too. You've pretty much got free reign as the GM.