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It was only difficult for me at the start since I didn't encounter any wild Pokemon so when I had to battle Cheren again he was higher level than me. Then I had like 10 Pokemon by the time I was at the second gym since I wanted to check which Pokemon were good even though I could of just checked Serebii. By the time I got to the third gym I narrowed my team down to Snivy(yes Snivy) and Blitzle. If I didn't finish the fight with Blitzle's Flame Charge I pretty much lost. I got an Archen before I got to Nimbasa but that's not going to help much, but Blitzle's Motor Drive pretty much meant invincibility there anyway. After that it just got easier especially when i got the Lucky Egg. I also had Munna throughout most of the game until I got a Moon Stone, I just chose to not include it in my battle plans since it was so slow and normally got taken out before I could do anything.

This was the first Pokemon game I actually had to use some strategy to beat the gym leaders. Before I would just kill everything would brute strength, literally. ie: Tentacool shows up, I would still double kick it with Combusken. Couldn't do that stuff in this game until I got Archen.

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