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    Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post
    4. Yoshi- The best all-around player, no doubt. It's a shame he doesn't get enough credit by others :\

    3. Wolf-
    Wolf's style is just different, unique, and he was by far my favorite villain of any game (Star Fox, of course). I love his howling taunt :D
    I dunno about Yoshi...he's arguably the hardest character to use, and just not that good to be worth learning. I used him a bit around 2 years ago because I liked the character but quickly changed to Luigi.

    Though I'm kind of surprised you use Wolf. He used to be a favorite of mine.
    My top 5 in Brawl would've been this 2 years ago:
    5. Toon Link
    4. Wolf
    3. Yoshi
    2. Captain Falcon
    1. Luigi
    Notice the differences? Of course I started playing Smash and other fighters more so that factored in my preferences to other characters, particularly heavy ones.
    Originally Posted by Shining Raichu View Post
    3) Pikachu - probably the fastest character in the game (yes, yes, I can see the theme too). I've actually found the most success I've ever had in-game with Pikachu (outside of Sheik of course), because its Thunder attack is probably the most handy spam attack in the entire game.

    5) Diddy Kong - he's just so effortlessly amazing and fun. He's probably my third most successful character behind Pikachu and Sheik because he just sorta fights all over the opponent, if that makes any sense haha.

    HONORABLE MENTION (and yes this category is just a way for me to cheat and sneak six in even though you said five): Zero Suit Samus - pretty much for all the same reasons I've given for everybody else lol. Tons of fun.
    Forgetting someone?

    But lol hey, you use Diddy Kong and ZSS. That's two characters we actually both like!
    Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post
    So you're also gunning for speed too right? :D lol The fastest (In case you didn't know, I'm a NASCAR fan, I like to go fast as well!) are the most entertaining to control! That's why it was a bit frustrating and difficult at first to transit to Brawl for me, now I've gotten used to it. I've been using Zero Suit Samus. Man is she fun! I like her better than her suit form, definitely. Speaking of Pikachu, I use him quite a bit (& Yoshi, of course) in Subspace but I never bother using them in Brawl. I should probably give them some playtime, don't you think? lol
    I'm the opposite lol. I like fast and quick characters (I use Wario and C.Falcon after all), but not those that are too fast, and especially lighter ones like Pikachu.
    I'm more of a heavy, strong character type.

    Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post
    And I'm going through with everyone in All-Star. King Dedede is actually not that bad to be honest. So I'd have to switch sides with Spino on this one, sorry Andy :X I actually liked using him back in Kirby 64: Crystal Shards. His hammer is just like a tank coming at you hard. I must have forgotten how awesome he is. I certainly like him a lot better than Meta Knight though, don't get me wrong, I can see why people like him (My nephew is like obsessed, Meta Knight is all he uses), but King Dedede would screw him up ;)

    I like Lucas a lot better than Ness. Hands down.
    Meta Knight is like, the best character though lol.

    And nawww, Ness >>> Lucas.

    Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post
    Anyway, furries? haha How so? xD But imagine how interesting her character would be overall, ignoring the furry part. Her staff is amazing when Fox used it, I don't remember all the moves, but I know Down + B would be the shield for certain the staff did. Can't remember if that deflected things but that'd be hers.
    Honestly as a character overall she doesn't really interest me either. Though I dunno, I only owned Star Fox 64, while playing a few bit of Adventure, Assault and Command.

    Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post
    You can have WarioWare's character has the two girls from the assist trophy (don't remember the names) and Waluigi (Since he's Wario's brother, he'd have his emblem anyway) and whoever would be a good 4th.
    Waluigi's relationship with Wario is actually not confirmed. He's more of a Mario character since he never appeared or was referenced in any Wario. (except for a really slight cameo in one of the warioware games.)
    And you mean Kat & Ana

    As much as I'd like them, I'd prefer a more random and wacky rep for Warioware. Sure, twin kindergartners that are ninjas is definitely random, but Mona, or preferably Jimmy (imo) are better options for that.
    They're not my favorite characters, Dribble and Spitz are, but they're the uh...most iconic you could say. (And besides, we can get a DeeJay-like character in Smash with someone as funky as Jimmy.)

    But we can also get a Wario Land rep with Captain Syrup. She's relevant again and not all that obscure anymore thanks to Wario Land: Shake It!

    Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post
    Tell me again why I knew Wario was your favorite before reading your answers to this topic? xD haha
    Because of my avatar? lol. Well Wario IS slowly climbing up to be my favorite Nintendo character.

    Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post
    I'm surprised to even know someone who uses Snake. Guess he got his love by someone. :X
    A lot of people use him because he's top 5 in this game, and used to be the second best character. Of course there are also a lot people who use him because they love the Metal Gear Solid series or they just like his playstyle. (Like me. Though my reasoning to try him in the first place was because of my interest in the MGS series so it kind of goes both ways lol.)
    And you just need to watch this. All of it.

    It's just superb using of the character.
    Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post
    Captain Olimar however, is an interesting character, but his taunts are BORING! He's got the most boring taunts of 'em all. I never played Pikmin so I don't know exactly what his games are about.
    Pikmin is a real time strategy game about a man (Olimar) who crashed into an unknown planet. His ship was wrecked, and he has to find a way to build it back, but he couldn't survive alone. There he met a Red Pikmin, one that was very willing to help him. Captain Olimar then started plucking up more Pikmins, some of different types, and after a month with their aid he managed to go home back to his family.
    The game is basically in every day, when you choose a level, you choose your army of Pikmin. Your main purpose is to bring all valuable items to the ship, but be careful of monsters eating or killing your Pikmin. However, there is a time limit. You have to go back to your ship by night time otherwise monsters will wake up and eat the Pikmin you leave behind.
    Pikmin 1 has a "day" limit. You pretty much have to build your ship in 30 days, and should you fail to do so, you'll get a bad ending. Pikmin 2 doesn't have that though.
    It's a really relaxing game that's really full of beautiful environments. The Pikmin are really like ants working for their queen (you).
    Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post

    Also since everyone's mentioning Honorable Mention, I'm going to say Zero Suit Samus. She's fast, she's easy to control, and amazing. Also I fixed my list and played a couple characters, Yoshi's by far one of my favorites. But the question I have to ask, why doesn't anyone give Yoshi the credit he deserves? He's easily one of the best characters in the game. (When is he isn't, really? lol)
    Put me in the ZSS bandwagon. Though my honorable mention goes to Luigi.
    As for Yoshi...yeah he's bad, and really hard to use. But of course there are dedicated players who show his potential.

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