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Based on: Homestuck
the name was a DISTACTION.

Rated: M
for mIrAcLeS.

IC thread found HERE.

You are a boy or girl living on the planet of Earth. You have lived for 15 years and are special - maybe even peculiar - in your own unique way. But one thing you have in common with your best friends is your knowledge - maybe even love - for the internet. You play video games more or less often, like any sensible person. You have never really met your best friends face to face but you communicate through a chat program called Pesterchum and the four of you are in touch on a daily basis.

One day, someone sends you a curious email. You'd think it was spam or virus, but the text is strangely sincere for something like that. The sender addresses you by your own name and urges you to share the files with your friends and together play the game that the files contain. A game called SBURB. The sender promises you that it's most important that you play. And that you'll die if you don't. Aha, there's the standard spam phrase you knew would come.

Still, there is something tempting about the email and those game files... And it turns out that your three best friends all got a similar email, sincerely addressing them and providing the files. You all plan to install the game on the same day to check out what it's all about. That day is today.

What the kids are about to discover is that SBURB will not only take place inside the computer. Soon, the world around them will start to change and they will have to awake strange powers, dream strange dreams and traverse very strange new lands in order to discover what they have really gotten themselves into...

==> Before we go any further, who are you really? Choose one of the SYMBOLS below. Only one player can pick a certain symbol. First come, first serve.
♥ ♠
♦ ♣
==> Aha, and what is your favorite COLOR? You can pick any, really. As the almighty game master I happen to be, I can allow myself to hint that it will affect what ASPECT you might control later on.

==> Excellent. Now, while you start pondering what PERSONALITY, INTERESTS and other details you want to give your character, we need to settle some basic rules and clarify a few things before we begin...

Most of the time (as I plan, at least) you will control your own character ONLY. I will act as an inbetween narrator and give you some commands which you must fulfill or questions you should answer in your own text. As long as you end up following the command, you can do other things as well and post as many times as you need. BUT remember that if you take any action that might affect a NPC (or a player), you must wait for me (or that player) to post before you continue. Common RP sense. Don't rush through the game and leave others behind.

moved to the IC thread!


- Rating is M because injuries, death and romance might happen. But no too dirty or graphic stuff, please.

- As stated earlier, you will only control your main character and I will be... a kind of narrator.

- Be nice to the other players. Since there are only 4 of you, I expect you to get along well together. At least OOC.

- In all seriousness, you should bring your sense of humor to this RP.

- IC posts have to be around 4 lines long (without formatting like indents and css) at the very least, since those are the general rules of the Roleplay Corner.

- No need to point out if something differs from Homestuck. I'm probably well aware of it, since this will be different on some points.

- Don't be afraid to ask me things that you wonder about, though. I might answer ;)

- One last thing: Homestuck is a difficult thing to turn into a RP. Please bear with me as we might experiment a bit with the playstyle in the beginning.


Name: (first and last.)

Symbol: (♥, ♠, ♦ or ♣? Not the same as another player.)

Color: (any except Black or White. And not the same as another player.)

Sex: (male or female. There can only be 2 of each!)

Home: (where on Earth do your character live? And in what kind of home? They have to have internet and a computer, mind you. And be able to speak English.)

Family: (who do your character live with? Remember, they are 15 years old)

Appearance: (again, you are 15. Other than that, you can look however you want. Include what clothes they wore on the day that the game starts)

Personality: (what is your character generally like?)

Interests: (hobbies and likes, what your character enjoys doing when they have some free time, and if they keep any pets you can state that here too.)

Dislikes: (everyone has got some.)

Theme song: (everyone has one. They just don't know it yet. You can link from youtube or some other playable source) (well ok, this section is optional)


paired to a seeker.
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