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    Originally Posted by Spinosaurus View Post
    I dunno about Yoshi...he's arguably the hardest character to use, and just not that good to be worth learning. I used him a bit around 2 years ago because I liked the character but quickly changed to Luigi.

    Though I'm kind of surprised you use Wolf. He used to be a favorite of mine.
    My top 5 in Brawl would've been this 2 years ago:
    5. Toon Link
    4. Wolf
    3. Yoshi
    2. Captain Falcon
    1. Luigi
    Notice the differences? Of course I started playing Smash and other fighters more so that factored in my preferences to other characters, particularly heavy ones.
    I was actually iffy for Yoshi, I do like him but I have a hard time between him and Lucario who I like better. But I have a sudden urge to give Pikachu a try finally, as aside from Subspace, who he was very entertaining to use, I haven't truly thought about using him since the original SSB. I regret not ever using him. So replace Yoshi on the list with Pikachu as #4. I use Wolf because he's different, and he doesn't have a bad movepool. Except I don't like his blaster, that's the only thing I dislike/disapprove of Wolf. I prefer Falco's. Now that we're talking about this, my list is going to end up changing a bunch soon I can tell you that much :X I've been using Zero Suit Samus way more also. Tell you what, I'll make a new list in like a week xD
    Originally Posted by Spinosaurus View Post
    I'm the opposite lol. I like fast and quick characters (I use Wario and C.Falcon after all), but not those that are too fast, and especially lighter ones like Pikachu.
    I'm more of a heavy, strong character type.
    If we were all the same, with same interests and skills, wouldn't life be boring? :D
    Originally Posted by Spinosaurus View Post
    Meta Knight is like, the best character though lol.

    And nawww, Ness >>> Lucas.

    I think them both (Earthbounders) the same, I never really liked Earthbound so I can tell you right now, I don't know anything about 'em other than what they use in SSB xD I just like Lucas better than Ness in terms of style lol I saw Meta Knight is in...Tier S? Speaking of Tier's, I feel bad for Jigglypuff. She went from her great resting/rollout moves ultimatum to shockingly lacking everything. :\ I'm also real shocked that ZELDA is in the lowest Tier, Tier H. Impossible.
    Originally Posted by Spinosaurus View Post
    Honestly as a character overall she doesn't really interest me either. Though I dunno, I only owned Star Fox 64, while playing a few bit of Adventure, Assault and Command.
    Oh well....either way she's got my attention :D

    Originally Posted by Spinosaurus View Post
    Waluigi's relationship with Wario is actually not confirmed. He's more of a Mario character since he never appeared or was referenced in any Wario. (except for a really slight cameo in one of the warioware games.)
    And you mean Kat & Ana
    Good thing I didn't try to remember their names and say it, I had it at Kit & Ann How close was I? LOL I like the girls. I never played Wario's own games either, but I would give it a try. But as for Waluigi, I would say he's Wario's brother because:

    1) Mario/Luigi =Wario/Waluigi.
    2) They go through so much together in Mario games, like in Mario Golf/Tennis' introduction, they act like brothers trying to do stupid things, yet hilarious things xD Like when Waluigi said Bowser walks funny and Wario said "shut up" in Mario Power Tennis' introduction.
    3) Real skinny as Waluigi or as fat as Wario is, they do have some identical features on their faces.

    Even if they haven't said any relations, I just thought it'd be pretty obvious about it..

    Originally Posted by Spinosaurus View Post

    A lot of people use him because he's top 5 in this game, and used to be the second best character. Of course there are also a lot people who use him because they love the Metal Gear Solid series or they just like his playstyle. (Like me. Though my reasoning to try him in the first place was because of my interest in the MGS series so it kind of goes both ways lol.)
    And you just need to watch this. All of it.

    It's just superb using of the character.
    That was a good match. I'd have to give Snake another try. It's just that some of his jumping/playstyle is a bit...frustrating to my tasting. I guess maybe it's because he's not as fast as I thought he'd be, or something. Snake has a chance with me, but don't think twice about Ganondorf. He's utterly disappointing!
    Originally Posted by Spinosaurus View Post
    Pikmin is a real time strategy game about a man (Olimar) who crashed into an unknown planet. His ship was wrecked, and he has to find a way to build it back, but he couldn't survive alone. There he met a Red Pikmin, one that was very willing to help him. Captain Olimar then started plucking up more Pikmins, some of different types, and after a month with their aid he managed to go home back to his family.
    The game is basically in every day, when you choose a level, you choose your army of Pikmin. Your main purpose is to bring all valuable items to the ship, but be careful of monsters eating or killing your Pikmin. However, there is a time limit. You have to go back to your ship by night time otherwise monsters will wake up and eat the Pikmin you leave behind.
    Pikmin 1 has a "day" limit. You pretty much have to build your ship in 30 days, and should you fail to do so, you'll get a bad ending. Pikmin 2 doesn't have that though.
    It's a really relaxing game that's really full of beautiful environments. The Pikmin are really like ants working for their queen (you).
    So reading all of this about Pikmin made me think about one thing. Animal Crossing, except you're taking care of your own town and stuff. Don't ask why haha. Pikmin all sounds interesting. How many different games does it have or are there only 2? I'd like to get the most recent one as possible.
    Originally Posted by Spinosaurus View Post
    Put me in the ZSS bandwagon. Though my honorable mention goes to Luigi.
    As for Yoshi...yeah he's bad, and really hard to use. But of course there are dedicated players who show his potential.
    I like using Yoshi, he's not that bad for me. Luigi's strange personalty definitely shows in Brawl. Those who dislike him is missing out on a lot!