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    Huggermugger, Fire Red

    Only optional thing is no legendaries and no duplicates

    Also, I mocked up some quick userbars if you want to use them.


    Update #1

    Name: Huggs
    Rival: Muggs
    Started: Lifeblood the Bulbasaur

    Lifeblood took out the first three Gym Leaders essentially single-handedly. I hadn't planned to use him for Surge, but both the Diglett and the Meowth (that I taught Dig) that I was training up for the fight both got killed. That's really all the supplementary notes I have so far aside from the lists below.

    Catch List:

    Dead/Traded Away
    Involved in Trade

    Pallet Town: Lifebloom the Bulbasaur, Lv. 5
    Route 1: David the Rattata, Lv.2
    Route 22: Napoleon the Mankey, Lv.2
    Route 2: Percival the Pidgey, Lv. 4
    Viridian Forest: Waspinator the Weedle, Lv. 4
    Route 3: Arya the Spearow, Lv. 6
    Mt. Moon: Betty the Zubat, Lv. 10
    Route 4: Tom the Ekans, Lv. 6
    Route 24: Loras the Oddish, Lv. 13
    Route 25: Kakuna, Lv. 9
    Route 5: Myrcella the Meowth, Lv. 12
    Vermillion City: CH’DING the Farfetch’d, Lv. 6
    Diglett’s Cave: Anderson the Diglett, Lv. 18
    Route 11: Mesmer the Drowzee, Lv. 15


    Napoleon the Mankey, Lv. 12, to a Shellder in Cerulean Gym
    Anderson the Diglett, Lv. 23, from a huge Slam by a Pikachu on the SS Anne
    Myrcella the Meowth, Lv.20, Critical Hit and Charged Spark from a Voltorb in Vermillion Gym


    Active Team:

    Lifebloom the Ivysaur ♂, Lv. 26
    Ability: Overgrow
    -Sleep Powder
    -Leech Seed
    -Razor Leaf

    Percival the Pidgeotto ♂, Lv. 24
    Ability: Keen Eye
    -Quick Attack
    -Sand Attack

    Waspinator the Beedrill ♀, Lv. 21
    Ability: Swarm
    -Poison Sting
    -Focus Energy
    -Fury Attack

    Mesmer the Drowzee ♀, Lv. 15
    Ability: Insomnia

    HM Slave: CH'DING the Farfetch'd: Cut