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    Arti took in the huge island as the S.S. Aqua neared the harbor. The Academy, as he assumed the buildings on his left were, was crawlong with students. This made Arti slightly nervous, because it would be hard to maintain friendship with everyone, especially with cliques in play. But for the most part, the Academy looked like a great place. He noticed that there were four dormrooms, instead of the three mentioned in the brochure. Arti figured the fourth was a new installment, and they haven't updated the brochure yet.

    So why does one look so shabby? Arti wondered. It looked as if nobody had even gone near it in years.

    The next thing he saw was the forest. The Dead Forest. He saw a few cool looking pokemon in there, but quickly turned his attention to the most impressive sight yet. In the middle of the island, a HUGE volcano, with a mountain range surrounding it, stood, towering over everything else.

    "Whoa..." was all Arti managed to say. Swadloon was sitting on his shoulder, looking at the landscape. Joltik was in his pokeball, as punishment. He had electrocuted Arti earlier on the voyage.

    "Well, I guess its been long enough. I'd hate for you to miss this," said Arti as he let Joltik out.

    "Jolt!" Joltik buzzed angrily, threatening to attack Arti again.

    "You, know, I've only had you for a day now. And I think you look like a Larry. So I'll nick name you.....Larry."

    Larry was taken aback by this sudden change. He looked at Arti skeptically, knowing that nicknames are given to pokemon people care about. He thought about this for a moment, but must have decided electrocuting Arti was more fun. He spat a web at his foot, making a small shock.

    "Hey!" Arti said, nearly jumping overboard. Swadloon was holding on to Artis shoulder for dear life, a suprized expression coming on his face.

    Larry snickered and crawled up the rail and sat on top to look with Arti. They marveled at the land until the attendant announced over the intercom...

    "Attention, all passengers. We have arrived at our destination. Please wait for your cabin number to be called before exiting..."

    Arti couldn't help but laugh. He was the only passenger on the ship. The real reason it came here was to pick up vacatipners in Oak Town, he was just on for the free ride. He patiently waited for his room to be called.

    "4a, please depart....4b, please depart....4c, please depart...5a, please depart.."

    Arti sighed. Why did I pick 8b.....

    "....8b, please depart."

    Arti grabbed his sketchbook and started walking towards the exit. He usually packed a lot of stuff, but this time he didn't want a hassle. Nope, all he really needed was his art supplies, everything else could be provided by either the Academy, or the flashy new debit card Arti's father gave him.

    Oh, how nice it is to have a rich parent

    Arti knew he shouldn't go crazy with his dad's money, just to get things he really needed. Clothes, any books he would need, and replacement pencils. Maybe even some paint and brushes.

    Arti stepped off the harbor onto solid land, breathing in the ocean air. In his hometown, fresh air was hard to come by. He started off towards the Academy, hoping to figure out what he needed to do before he started his education there.

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