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I've caught a shiny SUNKURN, (evolved into a SUNFLORA), shiny VULPIX, shiny GRAVELER and of course the scripted shiny GYARADOS.

It's funny that I decided to stop playing any emulators until I got a shiny on a REAL POKeMON game for the DS and before that, between various emulators and previous games I had never caught a shiny until I bought SoulSilver.

And I'm always proud to mention I found my shiny SUNKURN long before I got to the scripted GYARADOS.

Furthermore, when I encountered my shiny SUNKURN I was, at first, skeptical; (the alternate color palette isn't much different for a non shiny SUNKURN) so I made sure I saw the red star (even after seeing the signature shiny sparkles upon the beginning of the battle), then I went on google and made sure the red star meant shiny.
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