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    The pokéball arced through the air towards the Shellder, colliding directly with it. It bounced off, snapped open and absorbed the pokémon before closing again and falling onto the deck.

    It shook, back and forth, back and forth. The captive pokémon could escape at any moment, and then Lucas would be in real trouble.

    It clicked shut, and Lucas breathed a sigh of relief. He’d done it. The first pokémon he’d caught in 5 years. And only the second one he’d ever caught in the first place. He cautiously approached the pokéball lying on the deck, as though it would burst open at any moment. He picked it up. The metal felt abnormally cold in his hands. Certainly colder than –

    “Atlus,” he mumbled. Suddenly remembering the state his pokémon was in, he turned away from the open ocean and broke into a sprint, withdrawing his map from his pocket and shoving the Shellder’s pokéball in it. He shoved past people, leapt down the stairs and charged towards his room, albeit pausing occasionally to check the map and see he was on the right track.

    He arrived at his cabin door, jammed the key into the lock, twisted it sharply to unlock the door, hastily opened and shut it, threw off his bag and locked the door again, all in the space of around ten seconds.

    Exhausted, he flopped onto his cabin’s bed, marvelling at how remarkably comfortable it was at the same time. He rooted through his pockets and extracted all 3 of his active pokéballs, opening them. Swish and the Shellder materialized on the cabin floor, boat rocking beneath them, but Atlus appeared on the bed, right next to Lucas.

    She gave a weak chirp.

    “Don’t worry,” Lucas said. “You just need a little rest. I’ll be here for you, okay?”

    He yawned.

    “Actually, I guess I’ve had a few late nights myself,” he admitted. “Maybe I’ll just doze off for a little…”
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