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    Originally Posted by Skymin View Post
    @Zerin: so what about your REAL name lol
    Real name? Psssh, who needs those anymore? I ate mine.

    Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers View Post
    Welcome to the thread, silverexorcist and Vato! As a PC RPer you're not required to post here, but it sure makes you feel more like a part of the community, don't you think?

    I wonder if the "summer influx" is a myth ^^' the more summers I see here, the more echoing I believe I'm hearing in the halls of the RP Corner during this time. I'm probably imagining though xD At least 10 RPs get posted in every day, probably more, so it wouldn't really be fair to call this place empty.
    So true! And also the summer influx thing... I was gone for a month before recently, and it seems to have slowed down drastically. It's rather strange, instead of a few slow RPs, the whole site seems to run at the same speed.

    Originally Posted by Fuyu View Post
    Welcome and please don't slip on the pudding.... because that would be awkward.

    And Akio-kun, being a budding speaker of Japanese I easily understand your user. :D

    And Red, the echo you hear is probably the RPs where everything was like: AMAZING RAPID POSTING... and then it dwindling to a once in a while thing.
    The pudding...? .....

    Anyways. So you understand my name? Want to guess the literal translation?

    That RP thing is dead-on. It helps me, since I also have to do real life things (and play MINECRAFT, MAPLESTORY, and TEAM FORTRESS 2)

    Originally Posted by Lt. Col. Fantastic View Post

    We're all one big happy family!

    I'd say wealcome mewcommers, but I'm fairly new as well. I signed up, in like April, for a question (that I think I solved myself later with much facepalm), but I haven't been seriously posting since a month ago (whereabouts) when I tried to join Akio-san's RP. Several times in fact XD Anyway he was really nice and helped me out. :)
    Yay, credits!

    I do my best to help everyone out, as soon as I see that they need it. Sometimes even when they don't. It's good to be helpful. :D

    You should spread word of my RP so we can start it soon... More players on Sacred Fire!

    Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers View Post
    Haha yeah, new RPs give that exciting feeling... you know what feeling I mean. Excitement. It's darn hard to keep that feeling throughout the game.
    I... Am not one to think about perversion, but "that exciting feeling... you know what feeling I mean." didn't make me think you meant excitement. I thought you had taken a far less classy road.

    Originally Posted by machomuu View Post
    Yes, as a matter of fact, this area also functions as an area where RPers present ideas and get critiqued on them, or just present the ideas for other potential GMs to take up, so if you have an idea you want discussed, just post it.
    What he said.