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    Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
    I'm hoping that Team Aqua get some more Pokémon! Don't get me wrong, I do love the four families they use now, but I really think they could've picked some stronger Pokémon to use. Introduce things like Wailord, Octillery, Wishcash, Kingdra, Lanturn, Kingler, etc, basically any Water types, and they'll be much stronger. I think that partly the reason they have the Pokémon that they do now is that those Pokémon are supposed to resemble evil, but I don't think this is the image that Aqua/Magma should have. They aren't evil; they're doing what they're doing because they think it'll improve the world. They're actively trying to help people rather than hinder them, so I don't understand why they only use evil-associated Pokémon. With teams like the Rockets, it's obvious that they should be using these Pokémon because they're trying to take over the world, not improve it. But I don't think Aqua/Magma should appear as evil like that.

    I'd also love to see the leaders catch Kyogre/Groudon and fight with them; that'd be amazing to watch.
    Completely agreeing here. There's such a variety of 'mon they could be using that are just neglected for no good reason! Even setting aside Aqua's general image, it would just make things so much more fun if there were a bunch of different Pokémon being used~

    Alos yes big epic legendary battle would be uh... epic. Oops ran out of words. :x

    Originally Posted by Starsprite View Post
    Well there are a lot of new Pokemon out there now, and so I'd have not objections if the Hoenn Dex was expanded a bit. There just aren't a whole lot of fire alternatives for Magma. Maybe they could use ground or rock types?

    I also would love to see them (or any team for that matter) have more involvement in the storyline, or at least more well tied together involvement.
    You know when I was younger I always thought it was kind of unfair on Magma to be using Fire when there's actually not that many different kinds of 'mon with that type. But then I added in Rock and Ground and it became a bit more sensible. But still, the Pokémon chosen to represent Magma are as limited as those pertaining to Aqua. Y'all really need to expand your range.

    Originally Posted by okjoek View Post
    Anything Else: It is most logical to raise landmass from the sea because the sea is undesirable salt water, which when replaced by land gives room for fresh water that people can use and space for people to exist, expand to and explore! If I were actualy in a real team magma organization I'd love to be an admin like tabitha and courtney, but I'd prefer to be more of a scientist theme to look for more efficient ways of creating land because not all water is bad. Team magma's previous actions threatened much more than plain sea water. In a role playing sence my team would consist of:

    Torkoal- A villain needs a good pokemon that can produce smokescreen for distraction.
    -Fire blast
    -Stone edge
    -Gyro ball

    Eelektross- If your role playing as a technical member, then you never know when you'll need a good sourse of electricity!
    -Dragon tail

    Excadrill- A ground type is a must if you're in team magma. A living drill is always handy too!
    -Rock slide
    Heyy welcome back bro

    but I'm not sure you'd be able to get away with Eelektross. It's pure electric; with the significance of the Aqua/Magma split being down to typing I don't think that'd be very good in those terms. Augh I've lost my vocabulary today terribly sorry I hope you understand what I'm getting at haha. Maybe Stunfisk for y'all and Lanturn for us over at Aqua?

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