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    Okay, okay, so heres my pitch:

    If anyone has ever read the Inheritance Cycle (aka those Eragon books), you'll know that they ended with everything completed, but still room for speculation about the future and stuff. I'm putting the rest in a spoiler, because my idea comes after the events of Inheritance.

    Eragon and his Dragon, Saphira, start a new dragon rider training area in the undiscovered parts of Alagaesia, and Arya became the elf queen after Izlanzadi dies. Nasuada is the new "queen" of Alagaesia, and Roran is the head man in Palancar Valley, but thats minor really. The urgals agree to participate in the dragon rider organization as well, part of a peace treaty between them and man.

    As for my RP, I want it to take place 100 or so years after the cycle ends, so Eragon has built up quite a place for the riders, and has other elder riders to help him with training. Eastern expansion has not caught up to him, since the Hadarac desert hinders horses and caravans. But there are small colonies along the rivers. Eragon himself would not be a big character in this, if it were to be made. The characters would be either young riders who recently joined, or the teachers that have already learned from Eragon. There can also be normal humans or dwarves living in the mountains below. At first, the rp will just be the riders growing in their strengths and overcoming any weaknesses, but eventually a war will start further East, with another species not native to Alagaesia. The enemy would have dragons too, but the dragons they use will be more or less brutes, incapable of intelligent thought like the ones The Riders have.

    If anyone needs more info on Eragon, or the RP, I can surely provide. This is just the main ideas, and I have developed a lot of this rp (long car rides send my imagination to new places). I can actually probably make an opening post for it, but wouldn't be active enough to GM it until November. (Marching Band schedule) So if anyone has input, interest, or whatever, give some feedback!

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