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I don't think the dwarves ever agrred to ride, something about "mine feet belong on the ground, argetlam".

And about leaving Alagaesia, I think it is just the known parts of the land. It never actually states that Eragon flies to a new continent, just that he traveled along the river past the mapped portion of the world. (I personally believe the land across the Hadarac desert is where he went, but it never specifies if he keeps going or stopped before he left the coast. You have to remember, flying the distance to Vroengard took all of Saphiras energy. Imagine going to a whole new continent.) Also, the new rider have to have a way of reaching Eragon, because the selection process happens between Arya, Nasuada, and Nar Gharzhog (however you spell it).

Spoiler alerts^ Major for The Series

I also could do a joint-GM. I'm not sure if thats allowed, but if another person and I were to GM together, we could solve the activeness issue. So if I'm too busy on Monday, he/she can gm for the day, whereas on Wednesday they would be busy, and I can handle that day.

I mean, I'm going to be able to at least post once or twice a day, bar a few saturdays (competition) and about every other friday (home football games). I just would have a few times where I couldn't keep up with being a GM AND posting in rps I'm already a part of. So thats another idea.

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