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    Originally Posted by Banjora Marxvile View Post
    A MIDI is a type of music file that you can compose using MIDI editing programs, and most game systems use some sort of MIDI as the music. MP3's cannot be used in hacking at all, you need to search for the MIDI file of whatever music you want to insert, due to the... I want to say simplicity, but that's not the right word. More of the layout of MIDI files allowing for an easier difference of the instruments and voicegroups in the file, whereas MP3 files are more compressed... It's difficult, but basically MIDI files are a different kind of music files that can be composed and created using specific programs on the computer, and can be used in games such as Pokemon.

    If you want a really really good hack, it can take years. For one that is reasonably basic, then it takes months. It depends on the hack and the hacker, as well as what you want to include. ASM heavy hacks take ages due to the knowledge needed or the work, whereas small script edits and graphics take a shorter amount of time (depending on the scripts). So it depends.
    So, if I found a song on YouTube or have a song that I like as an mp3 (I'm not asking to use mp3s in the game) would there be any way to put those songs into the game?

    Dang...I've seen people who get together on here and make hacks, how would I go about possibly getting some help? Cause I know that since my hack is FR it wouldn't take as long as a Black and White hack, but I do have a lot of ideas for it and I don't want it to take too long. :/