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Originally Posted by Lt. Col. Fantastic View Post
I don't think the dwarves ever agrred to ride, something about "mine feet belong on the ground, argetlam".

And about leaving Alagaesia, I think it is just the known parts of the land. It never actually states that Eragon flies to a new continent, just that he traveled along the river past the mapped portion of the world. (I personally believe the land across the Hadarac desert is where he went, but it never specifies if he keeps going or stopped before he left the coast. You have to remember, flying the distance to Vroengard took all of Saphiras energy. Imagine going to a whole new continent.) Also, the new rider have to have a way of reaching Eragon, because the selection process happens between Arya, Nasuada, and Nar Gharzhog (however you spell it).

Spoiler alerts^ Major for The Series
From Wikipedia:
Eragon reworks the magic of the original pact between Riders and dragons to include both dwarves and Urgals, allowing the dragon eggs to hatch for members of their races. Eragon, coming to the conclusion that there is no safe place to raise the dragons and train new Riders in Alagaësia, begins planning transport of the Eldunarí and the eggs to a region east of Alagaësia. Save for two eggs which are kept in Alagaësia: one is to be sent to the dwarves, and the other to the Urgals. Those future Riders will travel to Eragon's new home for training, while new eggs will be sent back to Alagaësia to hatch for new Riders.

Well, it's not specified whether it's connected to Alagaësia or not, but I wouldn't think so. Besides, wasn't the Vardan once stationed across the Hadarac desert? Plus, Eragon leaves on a boat to reach the new land at the end of Inheritence, so Saphira isn't even flying.
As far as the dwarf thing goes, Orik states that he'd rather not fly but, as it says above, the pact was amended to include both Urgals and Dwarves, so there's bound to be a few dwarves that would want to fly (especially if they were chosen as a rider)

Ah, a small conversation that gives me reason to post. Interesting.
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