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Alex Hall

The unpacking took ages, although that may have just been because of the chaos Alex had had to work around. Fang was out of his ball and had been teasing Squirt constantly. Confined to her ball, all she could do was rock back and forth in protest. Eventually the bird pokémon had lost her patience and forcibly erupted out of her Pokéball and in to the busy room. Scurrying around the pair managed to quickly disorganise the room even more.

The last of the feathers picked up, and all monsters rounded up and accounted for, Alex sighed with relief. He got on well with his pokémon, but the same could not be said for them with each other.

Maybe you guys could use some fresh air, he pondered, looking out the window at the bright blue eyes, still a while until night would fall.


"Let's try again, Fang, Energy Ball!" The yellow spider pokémon let out an enthusiastic cry, tensing its body and trying to gather the natural energy around him.

"Just a little more," encouraged Alex as the attack began to manifest, a green spark of energy forming in front of Fang's mandibles. The pair had trained this attack for many weeks now after realising that the Galvantula's main weakness are rock and ground pokémon. Alex had taken the initiative in to preparing his spider, just in case the time arose where they were at such a disadvantage.

"GAAAAAAAAL," Fang cried, releasing the energy ball from its grasp. The green ball sparked with electrical energy as it flew towards the target, an unfortunate tree, sizzling out a few feet short. Medicham writhed with laughter, watching from afar, enjoying the lacklustre performance from its comrade and clapping along.

Patting the Galvantula on the head, Alex congratulated him anyway, "We just need to work on putting in less electricity and more nature... stuff. At least I'm sure that's how grass pokémon do it." Fang blushed from the compliment, and got straight back to work forming another ball. He was the least experienced of Alex's pokémon but definitely not one to give up soon, although Galvantula struggled with grass moves his speed and electrical power had helped win many battles before.

"Cawww," Squirt called from the top of the tree, her chosen vantage point as she watched over the island. She was on lookout for interesting trainers, Alex hadn't seen many people since registration.

"No luck still? Well back to work I guess," he said, turning back to Fang and commanding, once again, "Energy ball!"

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