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    Originally Posted by Nakuzami View Post

    From Wikipedia:
    Eragon reworks the magic of the original pact between Riders and dragons to include both dwarves and Urgals, allowing the dragon eggs to hatch for members of their races. Eragon, coming to the conclusion that there is no safe place to raise the dragons and train new Riders in Alagaësia, begins planning transport of the Eldunarí and the eggs to a region east of Alagaësia. Save for two eggs which are kept in Alagaësia: one is to be sent to the dwarves, and the other to the Urgals. Those future Riders will travel to Eragon's new home for training, while new eggs will be sent back to Alagaësia to hatch for new Riders.

    Well, it's not specified whether it's connected to Alagaësia or not, but I wouldn't think so. Besides, wasn't the Vardan once stationed across the Hadarac desert? Plus, Eragon leaves on a boat to reach the new land at the end of Inheritence, so Saphira isn't even flying.
    As far as the dwarf thing goes, Orik states that he'd rather not fly but, as it says above, the pact was amended to include both Urgals and Dwarves, so there's bound to be a few dwarves that would want to fly (especially if they were chosen as a rider)

    Ah, a small conversation that gives me reason to post. Interesting.
    From what I remember about the boat, Eragon gets off once out of Alagaesia, and Roran/Arya take it back. I could be wrong though, as its been a while since I read it. And even if he were still on it, they were traveling down a river, which doesn't neccessarily mean they took it all the way to the sea. Anyways, its not a big detail, and the rp could easily be changed to take place on a new region. (instead of newcommers in Alagaesia, native enemies in the new land would make more sense anyway) The only major difference would be the lack of human and dwarven villages nearby. But then again, Bloodgarm and his spellcasters left with Eragon too, so whos to say humans couldn't have come along later on? Ah, but thats why Eragon left in the first place...well, those can be taken out too, and replaced with friendly natives, only not so nearby.

    And my bad about the Dwarves, I coulda sworn they preffered to stay out of it.

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