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    Originally Posted by EternallyAnna View Post
    You know when I was younger I always thought it was kind of unfair on Magma to be using Fire when there's actually not that many different kinds of 'mon with that type. But then I added in Rock and Ground and it became a bit more sensible. But still, the Pokémon chosen to represent Magma are as limited as those pertaining to Aqua. Y'all really need to expand your range.
    I just looked back over the Hoenn Pokedex, and there are a ton of Pokemon that could have suited either team (Well, mostly Aqua) that weren't used. I guess it was an issue of uniformity, perhaps? Maybe a justification for it would be that the two teams have strict guidelines for what Pokemon may and may not be used. Just theorizing here, of course.

    Originally Posted by okjoek View Post
    Anyway what it showed was that in Singapore they take all the trash which created electricity for a city and what they did with the ashes was even more awesome. Get this,

    They would barrier off a certain area of the coastline and fill the boxes in with the ashes which makes new land! Therefore Singapore would be a wonderful place to recruit for team magma =P.
    That's pretty interesting, actually. Though I'd have to say, as a general rule, assuming that the general population actually cares, that any overpopulated country or country that seeks expansion might be a good place to recruit. This is assuming anyone cares, because there are a lot of people who won't have a second thought about things like the environment for as long as they live.

    Those people obviously aren't going to be joining a team that is well...environment oriented, I guess.