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    Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post
    I was actually iffy for Yoshi, I do like him but I have a hard time between him and Lucario who I like better. But I have a sudden urge to give Pikachu a try finally, as aside from Subspace, who he was very entertaining to use, I haven't truly thought about using him since the original SSB. I regret not ever using him. So replace Yoshi on the list with Pikachu as #4. I use Wolf because he's different, and he doesn't have a bad movepool. Except I don't like his blaster, that's the only thing I dislike/disapprove of Wolf. I prefer Falco's. Now that we're talking about this, my list is going to end up changing a bunch soon I can tell you that much :X I've been using Zero Suit Samus way more also. Tell you what, I'll make a new list in like a week xD
    Are you trying all characters right now? Juuuuuust askin'
    Because I have a recommendation, you could say. Ahem.

    Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post
    I saw Meta Knight is in...Tier S? Speaking of Tier's, I feel bad for Jigglypuff. She went from her great resting/rollout moves ultimatum to shockingly lacking everything. :\ I'm also real shocked that ZELDA is in the lowest Tier, Tier H. Impossible.

    Oh well....either way she's got my attention :D
    Jigglypuff was nerfed so bad. From one of the best, if not the best, to one of the worst. Really shows how badly Brawl balanced some existent characters. (It's still arguably more balanced than Melee.)
    Luckily with Namco on board, who are actually well known for their superb balancing in their Tekken series, we can finally have a nice balanced roster.
    I never really used Zelda to know why she's considered bad. Probably one of the few characters I never really used (The other is Ike and...yeah just these two.)

    Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post
    Good thing I didn't try to remember their names and say it, I had it at Kit & Ann -_- How close was I? LOL I like the girls. I never played Wario's own games either, but I would give it a try.
    Kat & Ana together spells Katana, the weapon ninjas use. :P

    Try Warioware Inc (the original one) for a good start, with the last being DIY to start making your own microgames after getting an idea of them.
    Or you could also try Wario Land: Shake It!, as it's short and a great introduction to the series since it teaches you the core aspect of the games moreso than the others in the series. After that try the Wario Land 4,and then Wario Master of disguise is next, since it's still a good Wario game even if it is mediocre compared to others. Even with the constant mini games and questionable level design, it actually plays like a Wario Land game more than the first one, of course I'm not far in the game yet to judge. Then try both Wario Land 3 and 2. Have Wario World and the first one be the last games to try, since they're pretty different from the rest.
    At least that's what I'm doing!

    Well it depends really. Do you want a platformer that really screams exploring the level instead of rushing through it? Or a fast-paced minigame collection based on reaction that emphasizes on scores? Or both, since they're really great games. Of course I doubt anyone here bar myself will actually play all of them.
    Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post
    But as for Waluigi, I would say he's Wario's brother because:

    1) Mario/Luigi =Wario/Waluigi.
    2) They go through so much together in Mario games, like in Mario Golf/Tennis' introduction, they act like brothers trying to do stupid things, yet hilarious things xD Like when Waluigi said Bowser walks funny and Wario said "shut up" in Mario Power Tennis' introduction.
    3) Real skinny as Waluigi or as fat as Wario is, they do have some identical features on their faces.

    Even if they haven't said any relations, I just thought it'd be pretty obvious about it..
    There were several (or two) occasions where they were referred to as siblings, but they were also called just friends or pals. Their relation is still not confirmed, as Waluigi isn't too important of a character.

    Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post
    That was a good match. I'd have to give Snake another try. It's just that some of his jumping/playstyle is a bit...frustrating to my tasting. I guess maybe it's because he's not as fast as I thought he'd be, or something. Snake has a chance with me, but don't think twice about Ganondorf. He's utterly disappointing!
    You know I can't really defend Ganondorf. He's really horrible, sadly. C.Falcon too.
    Oh how the mighty have fallen.

    Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post
    So reading all of this about Pikmin made me think about one thing. Animal Crossing, except you're taking care of your own town and stuff. -_- Don't ask why haha. Pikmin all sounds interesting. How many different games does it have or are there only 2? I'd like to get the most recent one as possible.
    Two so far, with Pikmin 3 being a launch window release for the Wii U.

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