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My top favorite characters (Brawl only):

4. Lucario - To me, he's kinda like a swordless Link, who packs a little less punch. He's not too fast, and he's not too strong, he's just kinda meh. But his down attack while airborn is fabulous, as it has no limit to how many time you use it.

3. Marth - A decent character to use, and pretty fun, too. He's pretty fast with his side special, but his regular attack kinda sucks. But not too shabby otherwise.

2. Link - Now, I admit, Link was always one of my favorite characters. He's relatively quick, and relatively strong, making him the most balanced sword character in my opinion. I prefer him over Marth only because he packs a little more punch.

1. Ike - I used to dislike him, but I think that was only because my friend used to destroy me constantl;y with him. But recently I've decided not only does he have enough strength to rival Dedede, but he's faster than other stregth based characters. Sure, his speed pales in comparison to Kirby and Marth, but still, he's quicker than Dedede, Bowser, and Ganon.