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    This looks like it'll be a great game. I like the story, and the characters. Oh by the way, the first time you mentioned the third character, you wrote "???", but the second time you wrote his name, Mason (In his bio).

    And I have got to agree with the others about your maps. Here are some tips on how to make them better:
    - Make them smaller. A smaller map means you'll have less "empty" space (Empty as in just plain grass without any details on it),
    - Add details like flowers, stones, tall grass (Not every tall grass has to have Pokemon in it), ledges, trees (Other than "border" trees),
    - Don't make the maps square-like. Like the map "Route 601", all rows of trees that make the border are the same length, change the length of a few of them, and you'll see how much of a change that actually is.
    - There's a sign on the road on Route 601. However, sings look better when they're right next to the road, instead on the road itself.

    Good luck with your progress, and your mapping. If you make some changes, post more screenshots.