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    Gene Kitoshi Location- Deepest depths of the Forest:

    "Man we've spent so many hours out here and nothing has been found yet,"A blonde haired man yawned as he walked beside his Blastoise and Jolteon. It had been only a few hours since he had arrived on this island and he was already lost. He was headed toward the academy to get things settled with the Oak guy but kinda got a bit sidetracked. He figured that he'd do a little investigation around the island to see what was up. The reason he was there was to look after the place after all it was his job. He continued walking for a bit until he came onto an opening in the forest where he saw a group of Pinsir harassing a poor little Karrablast. Gene looked over to his two pokemon who knew exactly what to do.

    Volt dashed towards the bug pokemon and then lunged in the air firing down a Thunder Bolt attack blasting three out of the five Pinsir knocking them out. Shellblaster let out a loud yawn before slowly walking over to the Pinsir, the bug Pokemon glared at the water type and both lunged at them. The Blastoise they aimed for laughed before firing a Hydro Cannon attack taking them both down.

    "Well that was easy," Gene sighed as he walking over to the Karrablast that was hurt. He slowly crouched down to its level and used a Full Restore on it. "There better?" He asked as he smiled to the Karrablast and then kept moving. He knew there was something in this forest he just needed to find it.
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