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    Hey! This seems familair!

    Name: Vinnie Valentine

    Symbol: Heart

    Color: Red

    Sex: Male

    Home: Champs-Elysees, Paris, France. He lives in a huge 3 story house, and is probably one of the richest kids in the area. He has two bedrooms, one for himself and one to hold all of his stuff (computer, tv, video games, and anything else his parents buy him). His house is full of expensive vases and paintings. There is a big patio where he and his grandma like to sit and talk. His living room is lavishly furnished, and his kitchen has all of the state of the art kitchenware. There are two bedrooms on each floor, and both Vinnie and his granmother stay upstairs. Vinnie's other room "the batcave" as his grandma teases, is in the basement, along with a guest room, a spare laundry room, and a second living room.
    The ground floor has another guest room, Vinnie's parents room, the kitchen, living room, dining room, library, and laundry. There is another library upstairs, but instead of books, the shelves are full of movies, ranging from classic films to the lastest releases. Vinnie and his grandma, along with his various girls, have seen every one of them. (not each girl, but usually one is present when they watch.)

    Family: Vinnie lives with his grandmother and parents. His mother is a chef, and his father a real estate agent. On the whole, his family loves him, especially his grandmother. He spends a lot of time with her, and shes tells him stories of when she was young. He gets teased a lot on his girlfriends too...she acts as sort of a wingman on movie dates, sacrificing herself to get popcorn and drink refills, along with setting Vinnie up for jokes. Hos father is a brutally honest man, and Vinnie can testify. His father sets him straight whenever he gets in trouble, and Vinnie has great respect for him. His mother is kind, and usually spoils Vinnie. She gives him all kinds of gifts, and tries to soften some of Vinnies father's blows when he's being punished. (Dad's name is Cannon, the mother Fran, and his gramdmother is Christine)

    Appearence: Standing at 5'10, Vinnie isn't particularly tall. (I'm going with the ground up...) Vinnie's shoes are black converse all stars, in almost brand new condition. He wears black jeans and a white belt, which are very form fitting. He wears a white t-shirt with a black and grey plaid button up shirt, which is tailored for him. He has a black leather jacket too, but only wears it in colder weather. He has green eyes, and a warm expression. His hair is jet black, and styled into a slicked back hairdo. He has great posture and is very skinny. His fingers are really long too, if that makes any difference. He doesn't have facial hair or peircings. He is very handsome, and has perfect teeth. He always wears a silver bracelet, a keepsake of his grandfather. A black A is engraved on it, and is enbroardered by a red heart. He usually keeps a rubik's cube with him, as he finds his ability to solve them a good way to pick up girls.

    Personality: Your standard "loverboy". He constantly talks to girls, and moves in and out of relationships almost daily. Pratically reeking of pheromones, the girls can't stay off him, and he can't stay with them. His longest streak was also his first girlfriend. He never really got over her, but an outsider wouldn't notice. He is charming, smart, funny, clever, and very convincing. He could sell reading glasses to a blind man, or woman, rather. Deep down he really just wants to find someone better than his first love, who didn't care for him all too much. Nobody really knows that, its hard to see past his womanizing nature. He is quite the movie buff as well. He likes romance books (go figure) but also can enjoy an action story or a comedy. He likes his family, especially his grandmother, and genuinally gets along with everyone. Since he's usually the one getting dumped, any ex girlfriends he may have wouldn't hold a grudge against him. He gets obssessive easily, and that often drives his girlfirends away. Also a pushover when it comes to women, he often gets used for his money as well. (his parents give him a lot of money) He is also pretty spoiled, and would give an attitude if he ever were denied something. (which never happens) He doesn't like to get dirty, and doesn't like fighting or getting hurt. He can be awkward around men as well, not really knowing how to talk to them.

    Likes/Interests: girls, love, video games, internet, books, movies, plays, tragedy

    Dislikes: competition, children, coffee, jerks

    Theme Song: Affection - The All American Rejects

    Is this good? I can still add more

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