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    I completely agree with the this. First of all, most of the people that speak of making a Pokemon Game from scratch have less than any true programming knowledge. Especially the ones that talk about a Pokemon game started in C++. I actually love it when people say they are 'getting a team together' to 'develop a Pokemon engine from scratch with C++'. That sounds great when typed out, and it might even look fantastic on paper. The fact of the matter is, most people that say this couldn't make a successful console/terminal-based game, much less a fully developed game such as Pokemon with an API. At least, I'd assume they weren't going to try and develop their own API on top of their already-unrealistic dream of recreating a Pokemon Engine in C++. I'm mainly mentioning C++ because that seems to be people's favorite. I don't typically see people talking about making a Pokemon game in another language all too often, not to say their aren't projects out there utilizing other programming languages. Plus, like it's been said, they don't want to create anything new. They don't want to add any new features for the most part, and those that do could be scripted into PE a lot easier than learning C++ to build the same thing with a couple new features.

    Personally, I've always had the idea of developing a Pokemon game in which the overworld worked similar to that of the official games. The biggest difference in my idea, which cannot be scripted into RMXP(to my knowledge), is that the battling system would be changed dramatically. I've always thought of making a custom battling system that worked similar to that of a 2D fighter game. Obviously, I would think of several new features to add in as well that were rather unique. Otherwise, as amazing as that feature sounds to me, it wouldn't be worth creating the engine and everything else for it (including the sprite sheets. Oh lord that's a lot of spriting).

    Even at that, I'm no where near ready to work on a project such as a Pokemon Game. I started learning C++ 1 or 2 years ago, and I know I'm not anywhere near ready enough to take on that kind of project, even if I was able to bring together a team of very well developers.

    Yet you get all these kids who maybe have a month of experience with C++ basics, and talk like they're going to make a full game engine from scratch with maybe a team of 3.