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I really like where this seems to be going. I think you're doing a pretty good job so far.

One question I had about the mechanics is are you going to try to fix the typing match-ups to reflect Gen II & III?
It would help tremendously to remove Psychic's immunity to ghost type attacks and make it weak to them.
There's also the dumb Gen I relationship between Poison type and Bug type.

I'd like to suggest making poison type attacks super-effective against normal type pokemon.
I've always thought that poison was a little short sold.

I know you kind of answered this before, but I'd suggest adding in some moves.
Both ghost and dragon types need a decent damaging move.
And make Twineedle and/or Pin Missile more accessible.
Even without Psychic's immunity to ghost, it's still a 'broken' type.

If I knew how to hack pokemon games and be able to add in stuff, I might put in Munna, Musharna and a pre-evolution for Kangaskhan.

I'd also personally would like to see the two Nidorans treated more as one pokemon.
I think they should have been the first gender-based split evolution line. :p
I'd also make Nidoking/queen evolve by level-up, instead of moon stone.

Just some neat sprites I found of deviantart.
[link] [link] [link]

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