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Thieves Forest- Ambush Site

Speculum smirked a bit at the mention of ditto. "I guess it technically is possible, but don't forget you have me around too!" He mentioned. Defender continued to give his final preparations to everyone. As soon as everyone understood, they got into their positions, ready to begin. For a while, everything was silent. Lyn wasn't sure how much time passed by. It felt like hours to her, but then she often felt anything felt like quite a long time, often due to her impatience. She just wanted it to start already, but didn't risk moping around about it on the off chance that they could appear at anytime. Lyn took a look at her brother and sisters, seeing how they held up on all this. For the most part, they all looked as calm as ever. Lyn didn't know how they did it. Whether by rouse or in seriousness, they were the essence of calm, except perhaps Hoodhide, but that was probably his normal jittery self. Lyn always had that problem as a Gold Tribe member. She had the strength and skill involved to be one, but never the cunning or patience. Perhaps that was one of the reasons why her father "Rey" didn't want her to be the leader of the tribe. The more she thought about it, the more she realized how unfit she would have been if she were to take over.

"Hey!" Calamity whispered to the others in the trees among them. Lyn snapped to, and looked at him, to see him gesturing to the west. There they were, a group of Ancients marching forward. It looked like a standard formation. Heavy hitters like Armaldos, Bastiodons, and Rampardoses in front. Other standard Ancients like Kabutops, Omastar, and Cradily behind them. Archeops and Aerodactyl flew above, but very minimal. Their totals number more than they originally anticipated, though. There might have been closer to 200 of them than the original 100 they thought of. However, like the King said before, no Sentinel in sight. Lyn reminded herself to watch for any Sentinels that might be on top of any of the flying Ancients as per Defender's advice, but once again, she saw none. She sighed in relief and continued examining the troop. Right in the center of the marching Ancients were another set of heavier Ancients, all tough-looking and evolved, and in the center of them were Pokemon with sacks around their heads and the top halves of their bodies, probably intended to conceal where they were marched to. However, from the bottom halves of their bodies, Lyn could make out what type of Pokemon they were: There was a Typhlosion, a Sneasel or a Weavile, (Lyn was unsure), a Scizor, a Shiftry, and...a Lucario!

"Look!" She whispered loudly to the others, trying to get their attention on the prisoners. "There's the brother with the other prisoners. They're here."

That seemed to be all the cue to the two 'baits'. The thief Beedrill motioned to them, and they headed out to the open area. Lyn's heart seemed to race. It was all finally about to initiate. She earnestly hoped everything would work out. She gave a look to Defender. This was all his plan. Although he was young, about the same age as she was, in fact, he had made a pretty brilliant strategy here.

The two scouts arrived in the open field, and the Ancients had apparently begun noticing them. They began saying taunts out to them. Lyn could pick up a few of them, as they were yelling them from across the canyon.

"Hey, ye' mindless cowards!" Poochyena yelled. "Why don't you go back into your caves and get the hell offa our lands!"

"Yea! Yer all supposed to be dead! Go back to being dead!"

In truth, Lyn was certain she never heard worse insults shouted in her life, but she decided not to pay it much mind. After all, the Ancients, mindless as they were, wouldn't pay it any mind either. Finally noticing that they were apparently something that required attention, a batch of ancients began marching forward in front of the others. The two continued to fling insults, and the Ancients sent more troops forward, until a good bulk of the troops charged forward, not intimidated and intent on killing the two of them. And then...

The first Ancient fell into one of the ditches of water dug up. The others, not noticing what happened, kept charging, until more were falling into the large holes of water and spikes at lay down there. Some were taken out upon impact. Some were struggling to get out of the water which many were weak against. At the site of this, some more Ancients ran forward in an attempt to help their comrades. At this, the Beedrill gave the signal for the flying and grass types to come out. They began flying over the battlefield, and dumping set after set of Sleep Powders and Stun Spores on the Ancients. Many were falling to their effects immediately. Some tried to resist, but succumbed to it after a bit. It had worked so efficiently that the Ancient troops that marched so uniformly a bit earlier looked like a bunch of fools out there. It was complete chaos. Lyn was pretty shocked at how well it had actually all worked thus far. Of course, not all of the Ancients were knocked out by the effects of the powders. They got into position around the prisoners, and prepared, although most were still trying to get a grip on what exactly was happening, as it was all going on much faster than they were prepared for. The Beedrill looked back at the Gold Tribe.

"Well, we did all we can. Now it's yer turn. Seems like you'll have to fight your way through, but they seem pretty confused, so nows yer chance! Go you golden b*stards!"

Lyn didn't have to be told twice. Neither did the others. Calamity, Dark Lightning, Speculum, Hoodhide, and Guardia all sprang from their spots and charged forward, with one main objective on their minds: The brother.

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