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Ash was always noob, he uses fire type against water type, water type against electric type, (not battling but ; he uses water gun on brock's onix <.<), but yeah he gets noob-ier in 4th & 5th gen.
I agree! It's funny in the 4th gen when you always here Dawn shouting,
"Ash! He's a fire type why are you using a grass type!"
It's quite strange how whenever he's with the girls who have literally just started their journey (like Dawn) he goes out there and makes a really stupid mistake and they correct him when they know like nothing about pokemon!

Even though it appears that a lot of people want to see a new main character, I don't think that'd get that positive a reaction from most of the fans. Many have grown up watching the earlier seasons of Pokémon, with Ash at the time being kind of their idol, so replacing him would prooobably not make the ones who're still fans very happy.
Yep! Some of you fans have probably heard of Pokemon World, it's a UK Pokemon magazine but it's also been released in other places.
There was actually an issue that said Ash would supposedly be being replaced with a new main character. I don't believe this but it is possible that it's true.

The other thing is the girls in the anime keep changing (Misty, May, Dawn, Iris) But there are times when they met up eg. Dawn and May etc. Some people were a bit sad to see Misty go when May was introduced but they were happy that the boys were staying. when Brock didn't return in Black and White, it caused a bit of commotion. Even I was a bit upset that we there was no more of Brocks "lady troubles," and Cilan took over his awesome cooking. Truthfully I get really annoyed about Cilans "flavour talk."

Some people are now getting afraid of Ash leaving with all the other character changes and if Ash leaves, it will be no more Pikachu. If there is a new Pikachu it will surely disapoint a lot of people.
You tell me.

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