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    "Is that a challenge?"

    Elijah kept his smirk. He continued to direct it at the gruff man, his light, icy blue eyes examining the man. His gaze went from bottom to top of the man in a swift motion. There was one thing that rang out at Elijah from looking at him. The Nation of Vanaheim. He had met a man from there once before in the shop back home. Of course, he had a much fuller beard, but the clothing was similar. Fur pelt, rough-looking, and the hair. It all screamed, 'Vanaheim'. This made thing more interesting in Elijah's eyes. A multi-national group.

    Elijah lowered his smirk into more of a grin, and politely offered a proposal. "I'm a man that believes in action over words. So, would you be interested in testing my ability with the blade?" He drummed his fingers against the hilt of his sword.

    "Oh! A fight!" blurted out the red haired drunkard in Cassandra as she rose from her seat, only to stumble over the chair. "I got this, Vary. Lemme at em!" Her face was a deep red, clearly intoxicated behind comprehension. It made sense as she has been drinking since this morning even before the job over in the outskirts. Boring days like this caused her to drink more than usual though that could be an understatement in it of itself. Practically tripping over herself to face the aspiring recruit, Cass attempted to stare into the eyes of Elijah, but the alcohol had better plans: "You're pretty cute, ya know? If I wasn't about to kill you, I'd do other things," she said with a hiccup. "Oh well, a fight is a fight! Make the first move!" She dared with a half glare, half stumble.

    Elijah looked down at the drunken red-head, his eyebrows scrunching down as his narrowed at the woman. She was obviously under the influence of alchohol. The one thing she reminded him of was, well, wh*res. Prostitutes, hookers, courtesans, whatever you want to call it. He tapped his chin as his expression went into a completely neutral phase. Elijah shrugged to himself, and pulled out his sword. If she wanted to fight, then so be it. "I will have to say, you're pretty attractive yourself, madame. The choice in your clothing makes you remind me of a wh*re however" He grinned at her, and got into a better stance for sword-play. "Now let's get this over with."

    "Oh. Oh no you did not just say that!" Cass grew angry with her flushed face becoming a fiery red. With her instincts taking over, Cass snatched the Orbrigg Ale from Varian's hands and threw the drink at Elijah. Sadly, she missed his head, dumping the contents on a nearby patron. Normally one to complain about a failed cheap shot, Cass shrugged as the drink was a serviceable distraction and she lunged forward with a tackle, knocking Elijah off his feet. She mounted the man and pulled her arm back to deliver a furious fist to his adorable face.

    Elijah didn't even move when she threw the bottle at him. She missed him pretty badly, and this caused him to laugh. Was she seriously trying to cheap-shot him while drunk? Really? He laughed harder, but it wouldn't last long. "Oof!" He hit his back, and his sword dropped to the ground beside him. Elijah's eyes darted to the red-faced red-head, and he allowed her to pull her arm back. When it came back down though, it would find itself trapped inside Elijah's grip. He held her wrist, and quickly switched their positions in one roll. She was on the ground, and he was on her lap. He used his other hand to grab her other wrist, and move it back into the other hands grip. With Elijah's left hand holding the drunk girl's arms above her head, he used his right hand to take out a throwing knife. He held it up to her throat. "Checkmate."

    Cass gulped, but not out of fear. There was a bad taste in her mouth and she had to get it rid of it. Was it defeat? No...more like surprise. This guy had some moves. A sly one he is, but not quite good enough. Cass shook her legs to make sure they weren't trapped, but also to feign some sense of struggle. She had a few clouded ideas forming and she was simply going to go with the best one at the time. But in typical fashion, she tossed them aside for something far less...elegant. Cass raised her head, swung it back before head butting Elijah with enough force to knock him back. Elijah reeled back in surprise and Cass raised her legs to her chest and kicked Elijah in the stomach. She flipped to her feet and stumbled over, botching the landing terribly. "Where is it? Where is my sword?!" Cass screamed, before squee-ing in joy at finding her giant blade. Cass clenched the blade tightly her grasp, dragging it across the floor over to where Elijah stood. Raising it above her head, Cass brought the heavy blade down with a large, yet predictable swing. She was going for the kill.

    Elijah's smirk disappeared off of his face, and his hand went to clutch at the spot of collision. What the hell was that?! He gritted his teeth at the kick on his stomach, and forced himself to get up off of the ground. Looks like the kitten has a bite to her. Elijah's icy blue eyes followed where his assailant was going, and he looked right where his sword was. The woman was imbetween him, and his weapon. And Elijah didn't exactly want to kill someone of their group. That might mean being killed himself, or being un-allowed to get some work from them. He thought of his options, and he had the perfect one. Elijah dodged the sword, and made a good distance between him and her. He looked to the bar-tender. "Beer!" Without hesitation, a bottle of some brand of alcohol was tossed across the room to him. Elijah dodged yet another swipe from his enemies blade, and he swiftly moved behind her. He raised the bottle quickly, and struck her in the back of her head. The bottle shattered, and she fell to the ground with a thud. Elijah went over to his sword, and placed it back into it's sheath. He turned back to the man from Vanaheim. "Good enough for you?"
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