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Jake - Academy Halls
Jake nodded silently as Megan spoke, acknowledging what she said and perhaps implying that she understood him right. He flinched a bit at her touch, looking up at her with somewhat curious eyes. Not having to truly lie /rocked/! He was doing great at this! A light smile came to his face. Given, if he was screwing up while not even pursuing guarded secrets he would be a pretty catastrophic failure of a spy. Megan asked her pokemon a question and Jake blinked, as if mildly surprised. He glanced at Megan's meganium ever so briefly before immediately averting his gaze, smile vanishing. Manipulating pokemon was beyond him. He didn't even want to touch that ground if at all possible, and so he deigned it best to avoid personal interaction. As Megan proceeded to show him to the office he made a point to hesitate to enter, not wanting to appear suddenly confident after what he'd said earlier. When he finally did enter he stepped to the side and turned, adjusting his shades. He was silently scanning the room behind the security of a one way projection. In other words, one couldn't see the technology of his shades on the front-side of the glasses. A particular secretary looked up and acknowledged Jake and Megan with her eyes, decidedly allowing Megan to handle her charge without interference for the moment being.

"It's pretty small for such a big school..." Jake remarked observantly. Of course, there was no reason for the main office to scale with the school anymore than any other room had a reason. It was a simple, bland remark intended to spur conversation that may or may not wind up being interesting.

Part of being a good spy was knowing how to avoid /looking/ like you were searching for info.

Jake finally turned fully to Megan, and lowered his shades, as if to get a better look at her. And who could blame him? They were indoors.


His brow furrowed. The question seemed to be implied. What did they do then? How do I advocate? Regardless of his actual real nervousness around adults, he still needed to fake it a bit in order to remain consistent with his perhaps helpless exterior. You never would've guessed exactly how much heat he was packing in his pokeballs.

Alex - ???
Alex raised an eyebrow at Nika, a not too amused look on his face. Judging by the way he was acting he wasn't all that impressed with the attitude she had given him. Yet, though the question of the future remained unanswered, for now Nika successfully avoided further attention from the rocket spy. Alex turned his attention back to Aloin, where it remained for the moment being. He seemed to listen to what Aloin had to say, though both brows went up when Aloin started talking about statistics as if there were actual numbers you could calculate. What an eccentric teacher..! Needless to say, Alex didn't necessarily agree off the top of his head. However, he couldn't help but suspect. Was it Aloin, or was it a secret of the academy's? /Could/ you calculate a pokemon's worth and strength? That would be an interesting technology to... get his hands on.

As Aloin ordered his gallade to attack Alex called out to his own pokemon, distracting it by hesitating. In reality, he was silently asking for his own pokemon to hold back. He did not accidentally want to have his Seismitoad use more powerful strategy that might actually turn the tide on the teacher's pokemon. That would look rather awkward, wouldn't it? It wasn't attention he wanted, anyway...

...Or was it.

Deciding to be a bit of a brat and do something impulsive and perhaps inadvisable, even as Seismitood buckled under the force of a dual chop from Gallade, clearly at a disadvantage, Alex called out.

"Seismitoad, give it your special touch--Drain punch!"

Seismitoad seemed to understand exactly what Alex meant. The odd lumps covering it's body began to vibrate at a particular frequency as the large pokemon drew it's fist back. It then threw a rather lackluster punch at Aloin's Gallade, only despite lacking a great deal of force the attack would do /incredible/ damage to the other pokemon! The secret? Seismitoad was generating vibrations at Gallade's resonant frequency. (See: The phenomenon made famous by the destruction of Tacoma Narrows Bridge) Even weak pokemon could deliver terrifying blows under these conditions, blows that could reduce rock to rubble and warp steel. The move wasn't exactly working in Alex's favor of not drawing any suspicion, but he couldn't help himself. He was sure he could handle any questions thrown his way regardless.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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