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    Ruby Sapphire Fiona Destiny

    Ruby thought about her family at home and started to wonder how they all were doing. She was esspecially wondering how her other pokemon were doing at home. suddenly a boy started talking to her, startling her a little as she hadn't noticed the boy was near her.

    "Hi I'm Jack" the boy introduced himself. "Saw you doing nothing so I thought I'd just do nothing with you" Jack also started to stare outside. 'o-oh sorry, i hadn't noticed you were here.' Ruby apologized first before introducing herself. "i-i'm Ruby, nice to meet you."

    Hikari layd down on Ruby's lap to calm her down a little, it worked, Ruby smiled a little and started to pat her little Poochyena.

    Another boy walked up to them, someone similiar. "Hey guys. How you doin'?" Kilik greeted them, his Shinx climbed on the couch and took a seat between Jack and Ruby. "aww you're cute~" Ruby said to the little Shinx. "hey there, Kilik." Ruby greeted him. "what's your name?" Ruby asked the Shinx, it probely would be weird for the Shinx that she could understand him. Hikari started to rawr on her lap. "don't worry Hikari, you're cute too." Ruby said, and continued to pat her.

    Roxas Jaden Asakura

    Alice's confidence seemed to drop. "I-I'm sorry...I'm still...not used to it..." she mumbled. 'o-oh! i really didn't ment it like that!' Roxas quickly apologized.

    Alice seemed really upset about what Roxas had said, even Jello seemed to get mad and did a new move, Alice looked up at her Solosis, maybe a bit suprised, but she seemed to have been crying judging from the tear on her cheek.

    Alice asked her Pokemon what that was, she seemed cheered up, Jello explained it happened because he saw his trainer sad. 'i'm sorry Jello... i really didn't ment to hurt your trainer.' Roxas apologized to the pokemon as he walked up to the girl and her Pokemon. 'i'm sorry, Alice...' he rubbed the tear on her cheek away with his finger and gave her a little hug.

    'let's call it a day, tomorrow i'll learn you new tricks, maybe it also would a clever idea to find out about Jello's new move.' Roxas told her. Obilivio came over too now, looking rather coldly. 'thanks for the battle Jello.' he thanked him in Pokemon language.
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