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Wess Stacker

"Finally here."

Looking upon the the academy aboard the S.S. Gateon, Wess was stunned by the vibrant scenery surrounding it. This is definitely not Orre he thought. He gazed over to his pokemon. Franklin the Scraggy was riding Muddy like a mechanical tauros, much to the Quagsire's dismay. Remedy the Chansey started laughing at the duo, and Wess did soon after.

Muddy, very much annoyed, finally managed to sling Franklin straight into the air, caught him in his mouth, and then proceed to spit him out. The saliva covered scraggy paused for a second, before letting out a chuckle. Muddy just rolled his eyes.

Wess then proceeded to get everyone in their pokeballs. Steeping off the boat he noticed another ship called the S.S. Aqua and in the distance saw a boy in a green beanie.

"Awesome another student, lets hope he's nice." Normally he wouldn't be so forward; he would much rather be the approachee then the approacher, but he wanted to have at least one close friend here.

He walked behind the boy and greeted "Hey there, are you exited as I am?"
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