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    Ayame Akiko

    When Dorian and Ayame arrived at the entrance, Dorian showed the tickets he had won from a Radio show to the sailor. 'Welcome on the S.S Anne guys! Have a pleasant cruise.' The sailor let them trough. Dorian sended his Grovyle back to his pokeball, Ayame did the same with Obilivio. 'Sorry Obilivio, please rest a little more.' Ayame said as a red beam took him into the pokeball.

    Not long after they got on board the ship started moving. After awhile Dorian letted go of her hand, Ayame immediately took a look around, just to avoid his face untill her blush had faded. She turned to him though after he asked what she wanted to do.

    Dorian suggested to check their cabins, this actually was a very good idea, Ayame wanted to see the room she was sleeping in. 'Yeah! Let's do that!' She said excited. She ran to the entrance of the ship were they could go inside. 'You're coming?' Ayame asked while smiling brightly, still being followed by her Poochyena.