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    Originally Posted by classiccartoonsftw View Post
    I've downloaded this game this afternoon, and I love it! However, I've discovered a bug while playing it. My Pokemon don't get healed after each Colosseum battle!
    Your pokémon are healed just before and after all rounds, but not between rounds. There a little mistake in this description in game (fixed on 1.1c). Thank you for your report.

    Originally Posted by cgj View Post
    Anyhow nice job on the game but could you maybe add a fastforward feature to make training easier..? Nice game with or without fastforward and i think the english and the mapping could improve but other than that, nice job, i am enjoying the game
    The fastforward makes the game looks a little unnatural and isn't too necessary because I put several options to make the game can be more quick like reverse run (you normally run and when holding the run button you walk), quick battle start, quick hp bar up/down speed, etc...

    Originally Posted by KidRollin View Post
    I found a bug not sure if someone already brought this up but, if you try to buy a pokemon from the market with a full party the game crashes.
    Here is working. You can give me more information about this?

    Originally Posted by classiccartoonsftw View Post
    Shouldn't this game have a place where you can store your items?
    Originally Posted by Namorax View Post
    On the northern side of the town is a house with a blue roof (the one in the north-western corner I believe). You can talk to the wardrobe in there (the thing next to the bookcase) and store your items in there.
    Originally Posted by Nothingtodo View Post
    I play the game now for two weeks and I'm lovin it
    But I have a question, where can I find a Volbeat? I've never seen it, so I can't find it in the Pokédex-.-
    From a Illumise.
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