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    Yay! Chapter III is (finally) here!
    Thanks to Astinus who reviewed it to see if there where typos.

    Chapter II Trouble

    Scene The First
    The Sea
    PoV: Pikachu

    "Why did you save us?"

    "Well... Wynaut?"

    "Dude, I almost get killed. I'm not in the mood for a lame joke."

    I'm dashing as fast as possible, trying not to fall at the sides of the rocky path. Minccino hasn't woke up yet. Why did he faint in the first place?

    Gyarados is quite odd. I mean, first he's happy, next he's angry. Is that what they call bipolarity?

    "Didn't Deoxys say we had five minutes?"

    In the moment I ask this, the rocks where we are walking start to shake. They quickly fall back into the water, and so do we. Luckily Gyarados can swim. That way I can join Minccino and ride the serpentine Pokemon's back.

    "I guess the five minutes are gone," says Gyarados as I fall on his back.

    Minccino finally wakes up. "Did I miss something?" is the first thing he says.

    "Of course not," I reply.

    "What now?" I ask Gyarados.

    "I guess we have to swim," he replies.

    Gyarados starts swimming with me and Minccino on its back. After a while of swimming with no direction at all, we finally spot something. It's just a beach, but that's something, right?

    "So... who are you?" Gyarados asks.

    "I'm Pikachu." I reply.

    "I know that," he says. "I was talking to the furry guy."

    "Me?" says Minccino. "Well, I'm Minccino"

    "Do you know where's Viridian City?" I ask.

    "Viridian City? What's that?" says Gyarados.

    "A city," I say. "You know, one of those places filled with buildings and humans."

    "Humans?" Gyarados yells. "Wait, so you're saying you both come from the world of humans?"

    "Yes," I say. "Isn't it this place? I mean, how can there be more than one world."

    "Boy, how little you know."

    "Well, tell me more then."

    "I will... after a small race to the beach!"

    * * *

    Scene The Second
    The Beach
    PoV: Roserade

    They say that this beach is where the one who saved time first appeared...

    Who are we? Why did we came here? I heard some legends from Papa Stoutland in the square that life was created after the original one was born. But, what else? It's supposed that we all come here with a purpose... but what's mine? I've trained my whole life to be part of the greatest rescue team in existence... but ever since the flow of time has been restored... well, there haven't been any problems around here. And so, no rescue teams remain...

    So what should I do now?

    I can't see another thing for me to do now... It's quite frustrating. At least being here makes it a little less horrible. The Krabby blowing bubbles. Bubbles that perfectly reflect the light of the setting sun. It's quite relaxing being here, smelling the salty and damp air around...

    "Faster!" I hear someone yelling from far away. I can't see from where, nor can I identify the voice.

    "Apply the handbrake you fool" another voice yells. This one seems to be more acute. I can't identify it, either.

    Then I hear a lot of screams, followed by the sound of water splashing everywhere. More screams. And now I hear something rolling around. Next is the sound of falling rocks. And finally... a huge "Ouch!" that appears to be said by the first voice I heard. I turn to my left side, worried. And then I see them. A Gyarados, a Pikachu and... that's weird, I can't seem to identify the other Pokemon, no matter how hard I try to.

    "Excuse me," I say. "I'm trying to make an achievement of self-discovery here!"

    "Oh, sorry," says the Pikachu while standing up. The Pokemon I can't identify brooms Pikachu with its gray tail.

    "Thanks, bud..." he says. "...But I think I have your hair in my mouth..."

    "Please accept my apologies," says the Gyarados. "I guess I couldn't go faster, after all"

    "You almost killed me!" the gray Pokemon yells, "What were you thinking?"

    "That I could go faster?" the serpentine Pokemon replies.

    "Who are you?" I ask.

    "I'm Gyarados, and those are Pikachu and... what's your name?" Gyarados says, facing the gray Pokemon.

    "Minccino..." he says, seemingly mad.

    "And we're from...!" Pikachu says.

    "Wait for it..." Minccino adds.

    "The human world!" both Pokemon yell in unison.

    "Dun... Dun... DUN!" Gyarados adds.

    "The human world?!" I yell in astonishment. "Come with me, now!"

    * * *

    Scene The Third
    PoV: Shedinja

    "The human world!" Both Pokemon yell in unison.

    "Interesting," I whisper, while hiding between some rocks that are near to that Gyarados.

    Just the kind of information I was looking for! I, Shedinja, head of Team Fright, found Pokemon that allegedly came from the world of humans! If I can get them to tell me where Enclosed Island is, I will finally find the place that connects both worlds!

    But first I need backup. Who knows what that Gyarados is capable of...

    I take flight from where we are, and luckily I'm not spotted by those Pokemon... Where's Duskull? Oh, right, I forgot, he's in our underground base. I just need to reach the entrance. It's going to take a while. Mmm... there's Pokemon Square. That was fast. I thought it would take longer to reach this place. Let's see, there's the guild... and the bank... there! There it is... Tiny Woods.

    As I descend into the small forest, I begin looking for the entrance of the hideout. Oh, how I hate the Wurmple around here. Even when the natural disasters finally ceased. They're all eager to test their strength with whoever they find in the woods... I'm sorry guys... Bug Buzz will have to do, it won't make them faint, but it will keep them out of the way.

    After a couple of minutes, I've finally found it... the not-so-well hidden hole in the middle of the woods! As I descend in here, I wander around in the darkness trying to find Duskull. I quickly get desperate looking for him in the pitch-black dusk in here. As I use Bug Buzz once again, I can hear someone yelling me to stop. That's Duskull.

    "If you weren't hiding I wouldn't have done that!" I yell as I stop.

    "Well, whatever," Duskull replies, "Any news?"

    "Well yeah!" I say. "I found some Pokemon that are allegedly from the world of humans."

    "Wait, what?"

    "Ya' heard me! They're from the human world. If they can tell us where's Enclosed Island at, we'll finally get back to the human world!"

    "Sweet! ...But how exactly do we do that?"

    "Haven't thought about it..."

    * * *

    Scene The Fourth
    The Plasma Castle
    PoV: N
    Why isn't anyone around? They must be hiding something away from me... question is... what exactly?

    I finally gather enough courage to stand up. My friends, who were all taking a nap in front or next to the throne stood up. By friends I meant the Pokemon that hang around with me, of course.

    "What are you doing, N?" Vanilluxe asked. "Is it something dangerous?" That wasn't much of a surprise coming from Vanilluxe. He's quite paranoid about... well, everything. "Can I go with you?"

    "If he goes, I'll go," Klinklang quickly adds.

    "Yeah, me too!" said Carracosta almost immediately.

    "Don't forget about me!" Archeops added at last.

    I stare at them for a while, then I turn my head back at Reshiram, who's at my right. "Let them come," he says. "We need as much help as possible."

    "For what?" I can't help but ask.

    I turn back at my friends. They all heard what Reshiram said, and now they're all staring at him.

    "Nothing now," Reshiram replies, seeding worries among my friends. What did he meant by that? Sometimes I feel like I can't understand Reshiram. I can talk with him... but I don't understand what he means.

    "You should be careful," someone adds. It's Zoroark, standing behind me. I turn around, and stare at him.

    "I will," I say. "Let's go now."

    We all walk around the halls of the castle. They seem unusually empty. And none of us is sure of why. We keep walking, every single room we come across is empty.

    That's when I heard it...

    I stood, motionless. Trying to identify the voice.

    "What?" Reshiram asks, with a bit of a worrying tone.

    "Just listen," I reply

    We all stay quiet, trying to identify what the voice is saying.

    "My lord, it seems the dragons have escaped"

    "The dragons..." I whisper so low that not even Reshiram could hear.

    "I'm afraid the plans with the boundary dragon will be delayed due to this inconvenience."

    "Boundary dragon?" Klinklang asks, "What kind of Pokemon could it be?"

    "Oh, my heavens," Reshiram says, "It's worst that I thought"

    "Why?" I ask, worried.

    "It all shall be revealed in time, young N," he replies.

    "Wait a second," says Zoroark, "There it comes again..."

    "Are you sure you want to get rid of King N, lord Ghetsis?"

    Everyone stares right at me.

    "I see, well... I'll tell the others... we're going to do an ambush by twilight."

    After hearing this, I suddenly felt as if my heart had been stabbed... Why would my own father want to get rid of me? Is it that he thinks I'm a huge disappointment? Whatever it is... it's better if I speed it up...

    "Twilight will arrive in half an hour, be ready..."

    "N..." Reshiram says.

    "I'm okay," I immediately reply. "...Let's get out of here..."

    "I know how," Reshiram adds.

    Reshiram opens its mouth and forms a small orb of red, yellow and white fire in front of it and two rings of red-yellow fire form around the orb as well as the orb grows larger. Reshiram then fires the orb from its mouth at the roof. All I can see is a yellow flash now.

    "What's going on? can't be... everyone head to the throne room!"

    A violent explosion now. The flash is finally gone, along with the roof. The harsh rain is filling the hall, quickly forming puddles all around.

    "Let's go!" says Reshiram, who's now airborne.

    "You'll have to remain in your Pokeballs until we land somewhere," I say. "Is that okay with you?"

    All of my friends nod, and they all say in unison that they are. I put them all in their Pokeballs, sealing them inside the capsules with red beams of light. Reshiram lands in front of me. If Ghetsis wants me to leave, so I will!

    "Halt!" the voice I heard earlier says.

    I turn around. There she is, wearing the new black-and-grey uniform. Ghetsis changed it a few months ago, all of a sudden. I am not pretty sure why.

    "Don't you dare to come closer, Ri!" I yell at her.

    "I'm sorry, N," she says, trying to hold her tears. "Use Crunch, Seviper!"

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