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    Arti was just about to set off when a voice suprised him from behind.

    "Hey there, are you as excited as I am?"

    Arti spun around, putting his best goofy smile on, and pulled his hand out of his pocket for a hand shake. He saw a young guy, big afro, glasses, gangly looking, and wore a button up shirt and khakis. The kid screamed dork, but he looked like a nice guy, so Arti wasn't particularly bothered. He just hoped people wouldn't immediately reject him when they saw the two together.

    Being friends with the guy can't hurt, and I certainly don't want to make enmies within the first ten minutes of his stay...

    "Hey there! I'm pretty excited, this is my first time outside of my region. I'm Arti, from Unova! So what's your name?"

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