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Sign-ups already! Awesome!

First I want to remind everyone that the four of you will be good friends over the internet already when the RP starts. It's a premise. If your SU gets accepted, you should talk with the other players about the relationships between your characters, so that it won't seem like they are talking to each other for the first time when the RP starts.

Also, I scratched the smartphone part of the OP. I'll let the server player have a PDA to distribute in the inventory when SBURB begins, instead. You'll understand eventually :]

And another thing that I realized, I'd be happy if you wrote your choice of color in that color, because I might want to use that hex color code later on :3
Example: Cerise or Red etc.

@ Retro Bug - Can you expand on the Family part? Please explain what Vieve's mother works with and a little about what Gavin is like. Otherwise, your SU looks great! You could explain a bit more about the house in the Home section though, more like Otherworld9) has done.

@ Evan - I'd like you to expand on your Home section to say what kind of house Vinnie lives in. It'll be pretty important :3
The Appearance section doesn't tell me nearly enough. Picture the character in front of you and what clothes they are wearing on the day the RP starts, and try to be rather detailed, like the other SUs here.
Also, Vinnie's Personality seems a bit... too good to be true. I like the idea - a womanizer - and Vinnie would be a nice contrast to drunk's character. But you should make him a bit more well thought out instead of just saying that he's "charming, smart, funny, clever, and very convincing". Doesn't he have any flaws?

@ drunk ¬_¬ - looks good, as long as he's not too bratty to be able to be near-best friends with the other players' characters. Because the fact that they are good friends plays a major part :3
Also, please expand on the Home section to say a bit about what kind of house/home Ricardo lives in.

@ Otherworld9) - awesome Appearance section, I could really picture her in front of me. Please just expand a little on the Family section to tell me what Candice's father does for a living, at least.

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