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    Originally Posted by Danny-E 33
    Yeah, I will be mixing up the type matchups to what I think sounds best. And I definitely agree with the poison vs. normal. I haven't thought about that before. Thanks!

    Well, I'm definitely not interested in any Pokemon besides the original 151. And don't worry. I already have a plan for Kangaskhan

    Do you mean combining the two Nidorans into one Pokemon? Well RBY don't support genders and I doubt I would be able to add that in myself. And besides, it would mess with the Pokedex order and that would bother me. So I'm gonna keep it just the way it is
    Alright. That should be interesting to see.

    But Munna probably could have been in Gen I
    Ooohh~ Now I'm very intrigued to see what you do with Kangakhan. xD

    Yeah, I would combine the two Nidorans, but the best you can do in Gen I is make them have all the same moves and stats.
    I've just always thought Gamefreak kind of missed the opportunity with Nidoran.
    But the game it still fun to play otherwise. Good luck on your hack!

    Originally Posted by Danny-E 33
    And does everyone remember how I'm using a couple sprites from Yellow and one from Green? Well I'm certain about all of those decisions except for Raticate... I really can't decide if I should use the Crystal sprite or the Yellow sprite for Raticate in my hack.

    What does everyone think?
    I personally like the Crystal/Gold sprite better than the Yellow.
    It's more like the original Red/Green and Red/Blue sprites.

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