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Theme songs: Savior & Savior
one is always escaping from above.

Based on: Homestuck
the name was a DISTACTION.

Rated: M
for mIrAcLeS.

OOC thread found HERE.

Genevieve “Vieve” Gostle (Retro Bug)
STRIFE SPECIBUS: AXEKIND → Mom's Axe / Lightwrather
SPRITE → CLOYSTERSPRITE (porn magazine + kitten Tiberius)

Candice Greyson (Otherworld9))
STRIFE SPECIBUS: BATKIND → Dad's Bat / Mountain Spew
SPRITE → FLUFFRICKSPRITE (rubik's cube + teddy bear Mr. Fluffy)

Ricardo Nieto (Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers)
STRIFE SPECIBUS: MALLETKIND → Polomallet / Pointythingy / Flarebonker

Vinnie Valentine (Lt. Col. Fantastic)
STRIFE SPECIBUS: SWORDKIND → Gunblade / Glockblade
SPRITE → KEFKASPRITE (Kefka action figure + garden flamingo)

will be updated as you encounter new things in SBURB. If you're wondering about a certain thing, press CTRL+F and search for that word! Or, just scroll down. The list is in alphabetical order. Somewhat.

- ALCHEMITER. Creates things using CRUXITE TOTEMS.

- ASPECT. What kind of force you will be associated with in SBURB, governing what powers you will be able to use as you climb to higher LEVELS. I will surprise you with an aspect that I think fits your personality and color, so you won't get to pick it yourself~

- CLIENT PLAYER. One of the game files installs the client version, connecting to another player's server version. The client player will be the protagonist of a particular pair of players, running around inside the game, collecting GRIST and advancing in levels in order to become stronger and reach the next GATE.

- CRUXITE (DOWEL). A rombic, rubbery thing in your own special color that is extracted from the Cruxtruder and used in the Totem Lathe together with a Punched Card to create a Totem. The Totem can then be used in the Alchemiter to alchemize an item.

- CRUXTRUDER. A machine that can be built by the SERVER player from the PHERNALIA REGISTRY menu. CRUXITE DOWELS are extracted from the tube on it. Some screens on its sides ticks down to the crucial moment before which the player has to enter the MEDIUM.

- DEPLOY. The act of a server playing building something in the client's house from the Phernalia Registry.

- GRIST. Some kind of resource, looking like blue crystals. Used to REVISE and DEPLOY and ALCHEMIZE.

- IMP. Nasty little beggars, often with strangely colorful clothing, who seem to want to invade your home, steal your stuff and hurt you.

- KERNELSPRITE. A blinking, hovering orb the size of a human head that follows the player around. Can be PROTOTYPED at least once to give it new abilities and skills.

- MEDIUM. The MEDIUM is... well, who knows yet? Apparently something you can enter.

- PESTERCHUM. The chat program that the kids use IC. Like Skype or MSN, they can message one person at a time or have group conversations. It's also possible to call and have voice chats.

- PUNCHED CARD. Made in the Punch Designix and used on the Totem Lathe to decide into which Totem a Cruxite Dowel is carved.

- REVISE. The act of a server player building up the client's house.

- SBURB. The game that is responsible for... everything?

- SERVER PLAYER. One of the game files installs the server version, connecting to another player's client version. The server player will be the one to build things using grist and manipulate the world around the client in order to help them.

- SPRITE. When the KERNEL has divided, what is left is the SPRITE. An ally in the harsh worlds of the MEDIUM and the guide you will need to not run around blindly in SBURB.

- STRIFE SPECIBUS. A special sylladex for your weapons in the game. Also sits on your chain. You will only be able to handle one KIND of weapons in the game. At least in the beginning. Once you've put something in your strife specibus, you will only be able to use similar things as weapons. For example: hammers, swords, guns, forks, balls, umbrellas... maybe keep this in mind when you write out your character's interests?

- STRIFE. When you spot an enemy (or several) and intend to fight it (or them), you'll go into strife mode, using the weapon from your Strife Specibus to fight. Strife mode indicates that you'll be allowed to control enemies in your post. When an unusually strong enemy appears, a special case might ensue.

- SYLLADEX. Your inventory after you've entered SBURB. It is a cerise pendant on a chain, and even if you displace it, it will always come back to you. Comprising a number of CAPTCHALOGUE CARDS, stored items will be absorbed by the cards but pop out into real shape again when you want to use them. The action of putting an item into your sylladex is called CAPTCHALOGUING. You'll be able to carry a limited number of items in the beginning.

- TOTEM LATHE. A machine that the SERVER player can build from the PHERNALIA REGISTRY menu. Used to carve CRUXITE DOWELS into different TOTEMS depending on what PUNCHED CARD is used.

paired to a seeker.