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    Originally Posted by LugiaMZ View Post
    I just repost and add more question at here... Don't know why... No people answer me, I wonder is my bad english.

    1) If I use Showpokepic command at XSE, when I test at game It show pokemon sprite and has cry sound when pokepics is appeared, how do I make it when show pokepic but no cry sound effect?

    2) I played a hacked rom called "Pokemon Mirage" it Rom base is Ruby I think. At the game started, after the intro, it appeared many full screen sprite to say its story ( In the game, its Arcues and the fakemon at the sprite ), can I make it too? At FR rom also can do it?

    3) I use Advance Map 1.92, How to Import or Export map? EX : I want to use Pallet Town and import the map to Vidirian City, how to do it?

    4) I seen Fire Red Hacked engine, the trainer customization change the add more trainer back sprite function, it say "if you want to insert images to use with this, you cannot insert them over Un-LZ,"
    How to insert trainer back sprite without not using Un-LZ?
    1. The option to play a cry is built-in to the command itself. You could edit the commands properties with ASM, but it's much easier to just ignore the cry.

    2. This was probably achieved using ASM as well. It's not very difficult if you know ASM. Simply use the decompression swi to decompress the image and tilemap, write the palette to the WRAM, and you're good to go for fullscreen images. If you don't know what I'm saying, don't try it.

    3. File > Map > Save map as... will save a map, and File > Open Map will open it.

    4. Firered's person backsprites are uncompressed images, which means UNLZ.gba doesn't work, since UNLZ.gba only deals with compressed images. Nameless Sprite Editor will let you import and export uncompressed images into your game.

    I think I'm done with ROM hacking. I'll still pop in and visit, though.