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Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post

It would be interesting seeing Banjirou in anime but somehow I feel they wouldn't give him such a strong team... first I don't see writers giving him [email protected]..
But I would still like to see his rivarly with Shootie =D
It's the anime so it seems quite possible, especially if a freaking Bug Catcher of all people has a Heatran lol.

Originally Posted by Akio123 View Post
^They had NO problems giving [email protected] to both a random Nurse Joy and Trollbias XD

I mean if it were Banjirou (who I would LOVE to see in the anime), then you're right Tripp would be the best rivaly (could parallel Ash and Gary's)
I agree Akio if you give those two Legends like that then Banjirou shouldn't be too tough to give him. Since he kind of seems like an Frontier Brain of Unova kind of like Ingo and Emmit.

Only thing with their rivalry is it hasn't been that awe inspiring. We have had three matches and out of the three I only cared for the third match. They could have did more with the rivalry then they have.

Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post

Trollkuto was special =D And awesome trolling if you ask me xD
The writers trolling us again? Strong possibility I must say xD.

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