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Hello. I've had Beta 3.1 for a few months now and I started playing it again a few weeks ago.
I've noticed some bugs and so I've come here to report them.
I don't know how many of these were fixed in the 3.2 version or not.
I just beat Morty and got the Fog Badge, for reference.
  • wild encounters for Union Cave floor 1 are not working. The basement floor works though.
  • There was a bad egg in day care. I think I might have saw something about this in the journal post for the 3.2 release.
  • radio tower has TR music playing, before TR invades
  • several overworld sprites for pokemon are wrong
    • the Butterfree in the gate between Ilex Forest and Route 34
    • the Persian in the National Park
    • probably others that I forgot to write down
  • The trainer card completely skipped the Plain Badge. It's says I have the Zephyr, Hive, Fog, and Storm badges.
  • no sound effects when moving pokemon in box or in team? (not sure if this is a glitch)
  • Axel appears in Bugsy's gym, before you beat Bugsy
  • location maps in the Pokedex do not include Johto
  • there is a green splotch on the GBA graphic when trading
  • The Voltorb I traded for in Olivine City was holding a Stick...
Then a couple general complaints I had...
  • The new rival you battle before entering Ilex Forest seems over powered. Quagsire with Ice Punch and a level 20-something Bagon with Double-Edge and Rock Head ability....
    • especially when the player is forced to battle Silver right after, without healing.
  • Apricorns use berry sprites for their images. I don't know if this is temporary or not.

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