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    Penance 'Defender' Malum

    Penance waited silently as time slowly ticked by. He could see some of the others were starting to get anxious. In a way he was too. He just took deep breaths to calm himself down when he heard both Calamity and Guardia whisper to them. He looked over to where they were pointing and nodded. Alright, the prisoners were almost here.... and the ancients as well. With a brief look Penance could see that there were far more ancients than had originally been reported, around a good two hundred. Alright... that was one thing that would change now. They would have more thugs to go around to get to the objectives. Hopefully the Ancients would fall for his traps.

    Soon enough the two canines went out and thankfully the traps worked just as he had hoped. Ancient after Ancient fell into them and then the birds flew out and scatted the powders around. Penance couldn't believe that his plan was going off without a hitch! It seemed almost too perfect to be true! Soon enough the others were heading off to the prisoners and Penance was about to follow after when suddenly a new realization hit him. He stayed still as he glanced at the prisoners. ....What if they were Sentinels? He knew it was idiotic to think that, but it would be the perfect cover! Cover your face up so you can't be recognized and attack those trying to save you! He had to act fast!

    "Check the prisoners first!" He shouted out to his brothers and sisters charging in. "They could be enemies in disguise!" He then ran in, gathering water in his hands and tossing out Water Pulses to some of the Ancients. If those 'prisoners' were the wrong targets, then things would immediately go down the tube!