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    Originally Posted by Grandpa Freeman View Post
    i think that jolteon is better for hitting physical walls like skarmory and it is really fast and can volt switch out so salamence can get a free dragon dance also dragon gem is for wall breaking in the early game since a +1 dragon gem outrage kos anything then mamoswine and jolteon can sweep their team i like some of your advice but others are bad sorry
    Magnezone deals with Skarmory much better than Jolteon since Magnet Pull prevents it from switching and like Jolteon, can Volt Switch out of bad situations.

    I also agree with PlatDude about Salamence, change the nature to Naive and put Fire Blast over Fire Fang. +1 Fire Fang doesn't KO Ferrothorn, Fire Blast always KO's. The more accurate Flamethrower almost does the job just as well, but you lose power against other steels such as Jirachi and Metagross.

    Can't think of much else I would do without changing the team's purpose..