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    Originally Posted by Dragonite Ernston View Post
    If you're attempting humility, it's not working. I have about 5 or 6 years of C++ experience, and I'm still learning while doing this project. Don't assume that you can't learn while doing, and most importantly, never give up no matter how slowly you're going or how many times you have to restart your codebase (Four Star Mon has been through a pretty bumpy history involving two or three splitoffs and restarts).
    I didn't mean to say you get to the point to where you can no longer learn anything new. Personally, I believe there are things out there that one person can never fully master. There's always room to learn, especially when it comes to programming. I'm perfectly aware that one can learn while doing, but most of the people that talk about making a new Pokemon Engine take it as far as basically learning how to do it while getting used to all the basics, which are less than sufficient enough to make much more than a simple calculator. With 5-6 years of C++ experience, I'm sure you're quite the developer, compared to the majority of the average person attempting a new game engine of any sort.That said, I'm sure even you and your partner (who I'll assume is roughly as experienced as you, or at least enough to hold his own) run into bugs and other problems along the way. Also as you said in a separate quote, you've been at it for ~2 years and are still nowhere close to done (given, you did say you guys don't always work on it). You understand it takes awhile, and that you need actual knowledge of the language. That's something that probably 75% of the people that say they're going to make one know.

    Also, humility had nothing to do with it.