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    The problem I see is that, when someone announces they're making a Pokémon engine from scratch, they mean from scratch. This means they need to make a basic mapping engine first, then invent events and all that stuff, before even thinking about doing something Pokémon-ish.

    I'm certain that, no matter what programming language you're using, someone will have already invented an open source RPG engine for it. Just use that, and dive straight into inventing the Pokémon-style battle system. The wheel's already been invented for you.

    That's exactly what Essentials is, actually. The RPG engine itself is RMXP, and the Pokémon aspects are tweaks to a game made in that engine. I really do think you should aim to get something done at all before you aim to make it infinitely flexible and dynamic and whatever other ideals you may have. If you make the basic thing well enough (e.g. modular), then you can go back and tweak one part later however you want.

    Making it for private use is an even better way of making sure it becomes abandoned. Your attention will drift so much more if you know the only person your failure will affect is yourself. If you create something that everyone can use, their attention will keep you focussed and motivated.

    On the other hand, it would be nice to have a Pokémon engine that's free to use (RMXP costs money, last I checked). The main feature I would like to see, though, is a program similar to RMXP but tailored to that Pokémon engine. That is, a map editor and database which record information directly to data files rather than mucking around with PBS files. I don't think anyone has ever considered something like this (i.e. making it easy for a user to use the engine) when they say they want to make one. Still, I'm pretty sure at least some existing RPG engines will also have things like map editors, even if they're generic; they're still a good starting place.

    Hey, even Essentials itself is a good place to start. It already has a Pokémon-style battle engine, which you can at least reference to help you make your own.
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