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Originally Posted by Grandpa Freeman View Post
even though magnezone is a steel type it's so slow and doesn't have access to a faster volt switch like jolteon does also even if scizor switches in on jolteon i can get a free dragon dance on almost anything with salamence since it forces so many switches this is why jolteon is an annoyer because it can beat a lot of things really easily and is good for the momentum of the team.
It maybe slow but it makes up for it in its all round better stats (bar speed) and ability. Why would you get a free dragon dance if Scizor switches in on Jolteon? I'm so confused by this post omfg.

Wait, do you mean since you have Jolteon out they'll switch to Scizor, you then Volt Switch out to Salamance who then gets a free dragon dance...? Because if so that's not happening. If Jolteon is in and it's going up against a Scizor, that Scizor is either going to Swords Dance or slam you with a choice band U-turn which will damage Salamence either way. Salamence will then either have to face a +2 Bullet Punch which will OHKO it or face something else such as a faster Pokemon that has access to a Rock/Ice/Dragon move.

Also why does Salamence have Fire Fang? Fire Blast > Fire Fang. Skarmory and Ferrothorn laugh at Fire Fang, even at +1
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