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Originally Posted by Grandpa Freeman View Post
it doesn't matter salamence needs to be full physical because jolteon and jirachi can beat skarmory and ferrothorn pretty easily also mamoswine takes down physical walls with endeavour so that means that mamoswine can easily sweep a lot of stall teams on its own but salamence is the big dog here and can win against almost every single team it is the best pokemon in ou
Yes Jolteon can beat Skarmory. But what makes you think Jirachi can beat Ferrothorn?
Fire Punch from 252 Jirachi against 252 Hp/88 Def Ferrothorn does 57.95% - 61.18% it can switch out to something that resists Fire moves and then set-up attack since you're locked into Fire Punch.

I don't see how Mamoswine takes down physical walls with Endeavor. It can't do much against Skarmory and because of hazards such as SR, Spikes, Toxic Spikes Mamoswine's focus sash is pretty useless. Dragon Gem is also bad on Salamence. Something such as a Lum Berry will be more of use.
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