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Originally Posted by redriders180 View Post
Is it a green script tile that activates it, or a person event, or a level script? If person event, and the event you talk to is set to "Look down", change it to "No movement". Otherwise, I'm not completely sure. XSE is completely fine with taking numbers that don't begin with 0x...0x simply means its a hex number. Omit it, and XSE will assume it's a decimal number, and do the necessary conversions.


The best way is to assign a unique person ID to the person, and set the flag with that person ID. So, if you gave the person an ID of 0027, using "setflag 0x27" will make him disappear permanently.
Ah, it worked. Just for the record, it was a script tile. But the person that the player talks to was in a "looking down" state. Changed it to "no movement" and it worked. Thanks!