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    Giselle O'Brien

    Giselle spared a glance at Eve and shook her head slightly as the girl spoke amusement in her tone "Ohhh?" Giselle arched an eyebrow and then looked back at the sky as Eve continued to talk her tone serious. "Do you have any pro tips for me? The only conversation starters I have are 'Isn't the weather nice today?' and 'What would you like to be like when you're an old geezer?' but the weather is very pretty today and you're not a male,"

    Looking from the sky back to Eve Giselle stood up. "Listen, I don't start conversations, and I don't like conversations that waste my time, like this one is doing." she said coldly. "So, unless I think your someone worthy to talk to I'm not gonna talk to you. So come back and talk to me when you prove your worth my time." Giselle turned and walked away from Eve not even sparing the girl another glance.

    As Giselle walked away from Eve with the intent to head back to her cabin a voice came over the speakers. The S.S. Anne will now depart, please stay safe and be careful on board. We will be arriving at Fuchsia City at noon tomorrow, I hope you all have a pleasant evening," right after that the woman who had spoken earlier added something.

    "All battlebots are now online! Enjoy the ride folks!"

    Giselle smiled at that but wasn't ready to battle anyone yet. She wanted to wait a bit before she did. Plus she wanted to look around more. See what was on the ship. She had even heard a few excited trainers mention that there were some wild Pokemon on board the ship that could be caught as well. Maybe there might be one that she would want to catch, to add to her team. Another added bonus was that if she used Jet as long as it wasn't a type that would be strong or to hard to damage for him in the battle then he would finally evolve. After a few minutes of wandering around the deck aimlessly she stopped looking in shock as a white Pokemon suddenly jumped out of the water and looked at her challenging way. "What is that Pokemon" she muttered pulling out her Pokedex glad she had brought it with her. Because this was a Pokemon she had never seen back home.

    Turning the small pink and black machine on she pointed it at the Pokemon hearing the electronic voice. "Seel the Sea Lion Pokemon. It is Water and Ice Type. Seel hunts for prey in the frigid sea underneath sheets of ice. When it needs to breathe, it punches a hole through the ice with the sharply protruding section of its head. Seel is weak to Grass Types and Electric Types"

    "Alright, lets battle this." Giselle smiled putting her Pokedex away and grabbing Rosie's Pokeball because of Seel's type. She knew there were People watching because she heard some people saying about wanting to catch the Seel if she didn't. "I'm gonna catch this thing" she thought determined a smirk forming on her face. "Come on out Rosie and use Leaf Blade on Seel!" she called out as she tossed the Pokeball up into the air. A red beam came from it and her Servine appeared. Rosie took one look at the Seel and ran forward right away her tail glowing a light green. As Rosie got close to the wild Pokemon she jumped in the air doing a front flip and slamming her tail against the Seel making the wild Pokemon cry out and then glared.

    Seel took a breath and opened it's mouth still glaring at Rosie as it fired several shards of ice from it's mouth. "Try to dodge it Rosie!" Giselle called out knowing that while grass type moves would be effective against Seel. Any ice type moves, like Ice Shard would be effective against Rosie. So even if her Pokemon was hit by a few of the ice shards, it'd be better than being hit by all of them. Leaving her thoughts Giselle turned her attention back to the battle and watched Rosie move to the side and duck trying to avoid as many ice shards as she could but still getting hit by a few of them. The small grass type though stayed strong and refrained from crying out. "Use Mega Drain Rosie!"

    Rosie stopped moving now that the ice shards were gone and glared right back at the Seel. Rosie planted her feet firmly on the ground and extended her small arms toward the Seel. A green beam came from them and hit the seal making it cry out again and seem to weaken some while Rosie seemed to start to look stronger as the attack ended. Right after though the Seel shook it's head and sent a multicolored beam of light from the horn on the top of it's head that slammed into Rosie before both Pokemon and trainer could react.

    "shake it off Rosie!" Giselle called out biting her lip before taking a breath "use grass pledge followed by tackle!"

    As Rosie began to get ready for the attacks she had been told to use the Seel used Aurora beam again and another multicolored beam of light slammed into Rosie making the pokemon skid back and then fall onto her back knocked out. "you did a great job Rosie, rest up" Giselle said before calling back her fainted Pokemon. "Don't think we're done here Seel" she added pulling out Jet's Pokeball and calling out her Dewott.

    "Alright Jet, you take it from here, use Razor Shell". Jet crossed his arms across his chest as he glared at the Seel. He grabbed the two shells from his legs. The shells glowed yellow and Jet ran at the Seel slashing it with the two shells. "Great Job Jet!" she yelled seeing the Seel weak and trying to keep from falling over.

    As Giselle pulled out an empty Pokeball she watched shocked as the Seel fell asleep and started to glow a light blue. "I have to try now" She muttered frowning as she saw the Pokemon had used rest. While it did put the Pokemon to sleep if she didn't catch it, then it would be fully healed. Taking a breath she threw the Pokeball at the Seel and held her breath.