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    "Do it again!" the woman yelled, demanding the younger female that stood across from her.

    "Ugh! But Aunt Cynthia!" the younger girl whined. "This is the fourth time today! Don't you think my Pokemon need a break?"

    Her Aunt scoffed at the ridiculous request. "No way a niece of mine shirks away from her responsibilities! Your Pokemon have grown complacent, and it's my job to change that..."

    She simply rolled her eyes. "But you're the Champion! Don't you have a challenger waiting for you back at the league somewhere?"

    "All of my battles are booked for a week from today, Melody. Which gives us plenty of time, my dear..."

    "...Great." she dryly replied.

    "Now, back on your mark ..."

    Melody hugged, loudly enough for her aunt to hear, and took her place at the end of the Training Field Cynthia had set up. It was about noon in Undella Town, and the sun shined beautifully against the turquoise ocean-blue. Melody so wished she'd been allowed to go out there today with her Pokemon, but it was a Thursday. An ugly, dreadfully long Thursday. Melody knew all too well that on Tuesday's and Thursdays, she was at the mercy of her ruthlessly strong Aunt Cynthia. Having a relation to the Champion of Sinnoh was nice and it had it's perks, but the training regiment was all the more rigorous and painstaking.

    This had been their fourth match today. Champion Cynthia versus Pokemon Model Melody. At least, that's whay the popular RPG game would have said. Melody never understood the point of having a videogame based off of something one could easily do in their everyday life. Cynthia surely didn't mind, she was the star antagonist to at least 3 of those ridiculously long franchises, and she was one of the strongest in every single one. You'd think with such a high bar of expectation in-game, she'd at least fall a little under the ba. But she definitely didn't. Cynthia managed to defeat Melody three out of four times today, only being put on the ropes when melody changed up the way she made her Milotic attack. Now it was time for the fifth bout, and with Melody and her Aunt's Pokemon healed, the referee had no choice bit to remorsefully sound off the start.

    "Begin!" he yelled with a single wave of both a red and a green flag.

    "Go, Aroma!" Melody yelled with a graceful toss of her Pokeball.

    The red and white sphere spiraled in the sky as her Pokemon, Roserade, formed outside of it in a flash of white. With a long yawn and a stretch, Aroma stood with her abnormally colored arms crossed, contemplating something unknown before the battle starts.

    "So you chose her again, huh?" Cynthia said with a thoughtful tone. "Okay then! Go, Lucario!"

    Her Fighting-type Pokemon arose from his Pokeball in a huge leap as Cynthia tossed her own into the air. With a perfect somersault, he landed nimbly on the ground and affixed his position into a battle stance, ready for Cynthia's first move.

    Melody quickly warned her Pokemon. "Okay, Aroma, we haven't gone up against Lucario yet, so we don't really know what he's capable of..." She took a quick look back to her Aunt's Pokemon. Come to think of it, it's been a while since I've seen Lucario in action ... "Make sure you stay on your toes, Aroma!"

    "Rose! [Understood, Melody...]" Aroma said with a nod.

    They both stood ready, and Cynthis decided that she'd go first. "Lucario! ExtremeSpeed!"

    Lucario let out a loud barking roar and vanished in an instant. Melody looked startled, but had no time to react, as Lucario appeared right in front of Roserade and kicked her hard in the face, sending her veering and skidding across the bumpy ground of the arena

    "Aroma" Melody called in worry.

    "Stone Edge!" Cynthia commanded right after.

    "Cario! [I'm on it!]" Her Pokemon yelled after running off to intercept the skyward Grass-Pokemon.

    He ran up with an incredible pace. Not as fast as the boost from ExtremeSpeed, but still fast for a regular Pokemon of his shape. Aroma didn't have time to react, seeing as she had only just halted herself from the momentum she'd gained from Lucario's ExtremeSpeed attack. Once Lucario had reached arms distance, pointed stones had hovered around his body in a sort of orbit like matter. The rocks swirled around and each one hit its mark directly, causing some noticeable damage. Roserade's body flew into the air from the powerful rocky attack, and Cynthia didn't let up her combination attacks.

    "Now, ExtremeSpeed! Again!" she yelled, relentlessly beating up on Aroma.

    Lucario shot up into the air in a blur, punching and kicking on the Roserade as their bodies connected in the sky. The attack went in for the longest seconds of the battle, until the effects of ExtremeSpeed had begun to ware off. Once the flurry of quick attacks had begun to fade, Lucario kicked Aroma squarely in her gut, sending her straight into the earth with a strong and rumbling thud.

    "Aura Sphere..." the order came out smooth and assuring, as if Cynthia had prepared this entire battle, and she knew this would be the final attack.

    From the air, Lucario cuffed his hands and a blue orb had formed in the center. As its circumference expanded, so did Lucario's arms, giving the energy a concentrated area to form itself around. Once it had reached about the size of a full-blown basketball, Lucario used his direction in the air to come down from the air and push his weight on top of the grounded Pokemon, who was still trying to get up from the ground herself.

    The attack connected and dispersed in a huge cloud of light blue dust, clouding Cynthia and Melody from the affects of the attack. The silhouette it formed frightened Melody, who could only pray that Aroma wad still okay and could fight. She had hoped with everything in her that she was able to stand at least long enough for her to comeback with an attack to turn everything around, but when she saw the figure that stood from within the sandy shroud, and no other figure to accompany it, Melody automatically knew the outcome.

    Aroma lay silently on the ground, and Lucario stood a few feet away, not looking at the Grass Pokemon. He simply snorted and freed excess dust from his fur, walking back over to Cynthia as he did so. They'd drifted off much further than Lucario had anticipated, surprising himself with how sloppy he'd gotten over the years.

    "You did great, Lucario. Don't stress yourself alright?" Cynthia happily said as she patted her Pokemon on the head.

    "Car... [Sure...]" Lucario lamented, despite his Trainer's praise.

    They both watches as Melody returned her Pokemon to their Pokeball, looking not only defeated, but tired and just downright exhausted alltogether. Melody simply stood in the middle of the arena dumbly, not caring about the judging eyes trained on her.

    "Take your position, Melody. The referee will heal Aroma, call out another Pokemon in her place ..." Cynthia said without recalling Lucario.

    With a disdainful sigh, Melody walked back over to her starting position and handed Aroma's Pokeball over to the referee. His face only showed his remorse, sympathy that Melody didn't need. She knew that Cynthia had her to herself today, and the lashing her Pokemon were delivering to her own must have been some kind of punishment for something Melody herself couldn't recall doing. Whatever the case, Melody lined herself in the Trainer's block and searched her handbag for her other Pokeball.

    "Go, Vanity!" Melody called out.

    "Can you still fight?" Cynthia asked her Pokemon after petting his head lovingly. Lucario gave an approving nod and barked happily. "Okay then ..."

    The referee was hesitant at first, but, doing his job, he called out the start of the battle. "Begin!"

    "Here we go..." Melody lamented.

    "Lucario, Aura Sphere!" Her Aunt quickly called out.

    "Protect!" Melody yelled back, retaliating quicker than earlier.

    The Pokemon were about to collide, all Melody could hope is that she could hold out longer this time.